A Heart for a Heart

Theresa Newman has always dreamed of meeting her all time favorite idols, the boy band know as One Direction. Unfortunately for her she is abuse daily by her all the time drunk step-father who beats her several times a day. Besides being forced to work by her step father, she has issues at school as well. They all know she lives with her drunk step father, but not that she is beat. He is the target of the school when it comes to ridicule. She struggles though life with out a soul to trust, until the day where her life flips up side down when she meats what she thinks to be the love of her life. On her way home from her miserable school and falls into the arms of Louis Tomlinson. He makes it his promise to protect her. Will she live to see the day where life is a positive thing. Or will she die under the control of her school and step-father. Please read to find out!! Promise to update when I can!!!


6. Gone

Louis POV
Oh crap. What now! I dont think we can even leave thw house now! She would be seen amd turned in! Well I was gonna try. I would just find her a hat and a pair of sunglasses. We could go to a movie were it was dark but we could still be together. Niall, Ellie, T, and I left for a movie after lunch. We kept quiet and went right into the theater. About half way through the movie T had to go to the bathroom. Ellie went with her just to be sure.
We were about half way through the movie and i really had to go to the bathroom so Ellie went with me. We went than left the bathroom when two men in black walked up to us. In movies those kind of people ever had anything good to say. "Good day gentlemen." I said than tried to walk away. But just then they both grabbed us by the necks than dragged us to the back exit. We tried to scream but nothing came out. Then everything went black.
Louis POV
It had been about 10 minutes and they never came back. But they werw girls they took a while and were probably just getting more popcorn. But it was 30 minutes later and the movie just ended. Niall and. I looked at eachother and got worried. We walked really fast out of the theater to look around the lobby. They werent there. We ran into the girls bathroom and shouted their name but nobody answered. They werent in the car or any of the theaters. We paniced. They could be anywhere. Or worse dead. I called T to see if she would answer. She did. "Louis! Help us! Two men working for Pat kidnapped us and threw us in a van. They are beating us and they are trying to kill us! You have to... No stop... Dont hurt... Noooo.. Ow.Ellie!!!" "Give me your phone!" I heard a man yell "noo! Oww! Stop your hurting..." She screamed. I heard the man grunt loud then I heard Ellie scream T's name then I never heard T just Ellie screaming and Crying then the line went dead. Niall heard the whole thing too. I had no idea what to do! We were both panicing and crying! I used an app to track the phone call. It they were at the old wearhouse on 45th street! We left immediatly and sped the whole way there. Once we arrived we both but knives in our pockets just in case. We slowly walked inside. We didnt see anything but we walkes toward the back of the wearhouse and went in the back room. We saw the backs of the heads of three large men. Most likely Pat and the kidnappers. They never heard us enter so we kept quiet to listen. "Make sure you cut them up and bury all evidence. They are dead so the hardest is done."
We stare at eachother with large teary eyes. They were dead. I freaked out and screamed as I ran towards them knife at hands. I almost had one man in the head when they turned around and and punhed me down in the shoulder. Niall had escaped seconds before out of sight into the room next door. I layes on the floor pretending to be dead so they would leave me. They did. I slowly crawle toward that same door. I walked in and shut it slowly. I looked over to see Niall sobbing on his knees next to the worst sight possible. Ellie was tied in a chair with blood coming from her mouth either dead or uncontious. T was on the ground with a knife in her hand and a dagger in her stomach dead. I screamed. "No! He Cant! Wake-UP!" I was holding her in my arms and holding her tight. Niall was getting Ellie untied when she began to move. She coughed up a bit of blood then spoke. "What happened? Niall!" She screamed and they were close together. I looked down at T and grabbed the dagger out of her stomach and threw it across the room. I contiued to cry! What have I done! I should have never taken her out of that house! "T! No!" I heard Ellie scream she ran over to her body and cried some more. I zipped up her hoodie to cover the wound. I lost the love of my life in my arms. Dead. And it was all my fault.
Heyy guys!! Im finally going to be able to update a lot more now that I am home on my computer!! I hope you like it!
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