A Heart for a Heart

Theresa Newman has always dreamed of meeting her all time favorite idols, the boy band know as One Direction. Unfortunately for her she is abuse daily by her all the time drunk step-father who beats her several times a day. Besides being forced to work by her step father, she has issues at school as well. They all know she lives with her drunk step father, but not that she is beat. He is the target of the school when it comes to ridicule. She struggles though life with out a soul to trust, until the day where her life flips up side down when she meats what she thinks to be the love of her life. On her way home from her miserable school and falls into the arms of Louis Tomlinson. He makes it his promise to protect her. Will she live to see the day where life is a positive thing. Or will she die under the control of her school and step-father. Please read to find out!! Promise to update when I can!!!


11. Forgiving So Easy


You wouldn't even begin to understand everything that went through my head last night. I didn't sleep at all! I think Louis has noticed a change in my behavior this morning. Breakfast was very awkward. I couldn't look at Harry right now. He looked so hurt. I know he would never intentionally hurt me. He was drunk and overall hurt and he lost control. I will talk to him later when Louis is out with Niall. 

Later when Niall was gone with Louis, slowly approached Harry just to make sure he wouldn't crack again. He looked at me with wide and hurt eyes. He seemed very timid around me. I know he regretted it all and felt absolutely awful. "Harry, I know you weren't yourself last night and you would never hurt me so if you truly regret what you did then I am perfectly willing to forgive and forget because that is the kind of person I am and you are truly my brother." I said sternly. He looked at me with loving eyes. "Theresa You will never understand how sorry I am about what I have done. I don't know who that was last night because that was not Harry. I don't understand what took over me but I assure you it will never happen again! You are just so beautiful and kind and perfect in every way and I just loose control of myself. You don't understand how lucky Louis is to have you. I had my chances and could have been where he is standing. That's what hurts the most. Girl I came so close but now you'll never know baby I love you more than anyone could know." He had a full stream of warm tears dripping down is cheeks. I felt sorry for him and I went right into his chest with a huge hug. Now i was crying too. "Harry I am going to pretend last night never happened" i said with a high level of hope. "Thank you so much T. You are the kindest and most forgiving person that has ever so beautifully walked this planet." With that said I kissed him on the cheek and went up to my room. 


Heyy guys I'm back! Sorry for them short chapter but there is more to come!! :) thanks my babes XX

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