A Heart for a Heart

Theresa Newman has always dreamed of meeting her all time favorite idols, the boy band know as One Direction. Unfortunately for her she is abuse daily by her all the time drunk step-father who beats her several times a day. Besides being forced to work by her step father, she has issues at school as well. They all know she lives with her drunk step father, but not that she is beat. He is the target of the school when it comes to ridicule. She struggles though life with out a soul to trust, until the day where her life flips up side down when she meats what she thinks to be the love of her life. On her way home from her miserable school and falls into the arms of Louis Tomlinson. He makes it his promise to protect her. Will she live to see the day where life is a positive thing. Or will she die under the control of her school and step-father. Please read to find out!! Promise to update when I can!!!


1. Bruises

"Get you lazy ass down here and get me more beer, Teresa you lazy slut!" screamed Pat, my overweight, drunk, and abusive step father yelled. I knew at at this point that if I didn't do exactly what I was told, I was either going to end up with a few extra punches, or cuts from the evil knife he carried in his pocket. I never wanted to risk anything considering I was already covered in scrapes and bruises. I made my way swiftly to the fridge to grab him a beer, after I mazed my way through perviously trashed items. He was a hoarder. Every time I tried to clean up a little i would always get a knee in the gut followed by a slice down my arm with his knife. I would call the cops but there were several issues with that. One being, god forbid, he happened to be the chief of police in the town. I never understood why he was reelected every time. I knew by that point that it as no longer worth it.
"Gimme that and go shit yourself." Pat demanded. I was then surprised with a stingy slap across the face which made me fall back on the ground as tears came down my face. Every time. Never felt any different. Just pain. Inside and out. Why did I have a step-father? Well, when i was about eight, my father died in a car accident. A few years later my beautiful mother remarried. Who? Pat. The biggest mistake of her life on that part. It barely took a month after that wedding when Pat decided to kill my mother and stuffed her into the closet by the kitchen. That is honestly the most cruel punishment of all. If I somehow made him pissed enough. He would put me in that smelly closet with my mothers dead body alone. That hurt more than any cut, bruise or broken bone. It wasn't after I had to go in there though
"Go get on that god damn bus so I don't have to see your face till I get home from work!" Saved by the bus. I ran to the bus and sat in an empty seat toward the back. Right away, the taunting started. People were throwing food at me and calling me a slut and a dumbass. At this point of course it stung a little but in happens everyday so I can almost say I am used to it.
I got to the schoool and headed for my locker. About half way there I heard a screaming down the hallway
"Run! It's the prostitute. Save yourselfs or be rapped by first period!!" Some guy tripped my then the hallway cleared. I don't understand what the hell I ever did to these people so why do they have to make my life a living hell?

*end of school*
I missed the bus which I was almost great full for because now I just cut my ridicule down for the day. On the down side it was freezing and raining. I don't get why in the middle of May but oh well.
I got to the intersection in the middle of town when I saw a little Mini Cooper pull up to thensidenof the curb where I was standing. I questioned whether I should run or not. I trusted my gut and began to walk the other direction. I was stopped by a familial British accent which belonged to what appeared to be the most beautiful guy I have ever seen. Green eyes and light brown hair which swooped to the side most perfectly.
"Do you need a ride home?" He asked.
"There is no way I am going home!" I somewhat yelled.
I was done with home. There was no way I was going back. I would almost considered myself homeless because I knew I would get my daily cut and punch if I ever went home. I felt tears gather in my eyes.
"Do you need a place to stay?" he asked so sweetly.
"I couldn't.." He cut me off"
"Hop in love! You can stay at my place till we figure this all out.
As I began to walk towards the car as I slipped and fell right in front of him revealing all my bruises and cuts from Pat. He gasped.
"What happened?" He asked in a concerned tone,
There where tears going down my face now. I had to tell him. I told him my story while in tears. When I finished, I looked over and saw he was in tears. He looked at me and said, "well, I'm Louis. Louis Tomlinson and you can stay with me until that man is in jail. I am so sorry"
"No im sorry. I look like shit and I'm taking up your time" I began to get out of the car when he grabbed my arm. "Don't go! Your beautiful and I want to help you!" No guy ever called me beautiful before let alone complimented me.
"I'm really not." I knew I wasn't beautiful but for some reason he seems to think I am. "You are. Who has told you otherwise because they are wrong." I failed to tell him about everyone at school and how they bully me. This may be weird but I gave known Louis for ten minutes and I think I am falling for him.
Heyy guys! This is my first Fanfic! I hope you like it!! I will update as soon as I can in all chapters. This fanfic is gonna be really suspenseful and dramatic so I hope you like it!!!!
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