Summer Love

When Morgan Graduates high school, she goes to live with her grandmother in England the summer before she begins college. She's ready to live it up and make new friends, but what she didn't expect, was to meet one of her old friends, Zayn Malik, her former friend that is now in a worldwide famous boy band, One Direction.
She falls madly in love with a band member, but her time is limited. She has to go back to school in August, and her college is back in the states. What will Morgan do when her time in England has expired?


2. Grandma's

As soon as I set food inside the airport and off that horrible airplane, I walk a bit quicker. I make my way to where my grandma said she would be and once I see her silvery-white hair, I nearly begin running.
I push myself through the large masses of people and I get a few dirty looks but I obviously don't care. After a few elbows stabbing me in the ribs, and a few more ugly looks, I finally am only a few feet from her.
As soon as she sees me, a smile lights up her face. She opens we arms for me and I drop my bags and nearly knock someone over trying to get to her.
"Gram!" I squeal as I feel the familiar warms of her strong hold.
"Morgan, I missed you!" She says in an accent that is the exact same as my mothers.
"I missed you too Gram!" She lets her hold of me and I reluctantly pull away.
I was ready to go and all but about to drag her out when she points at something behind me. I turn around and see my bags laying in a scattered pile on the ground.
I laugh lightly and go to pick them up before I return to my precious grandmother.

Once we're at Gram's lovely flat, I breathe in the deep scents of her lavender scented home.
"Welcome home, Morgan!"
I take in all the familiar surroundings: the dark, hardwood flooring, the light pink and brown walls, the large crystal chandelier handing over a small round table that sits in the middle of the foyer, and that has a small vase holding freshly cut lilies in it. I see the the familiar spiral staircase with a wooden railing on it, I see the door to the library that me and my cousins would pretend was a secret hideout when we were spies.
I take my shoes at the door then I follow grandma into the adjoining living room, off to the right of the foyer, and feel the plush white carpet underneath my feet. I dig my toes into it and smile at how much this feels like home.
I set my bags down behind the brown leather couch in the living room and continue to follow Gram into her very large kitchen.
I see all of her stainless steel kitchen appliances and smile.
Although Gram is very old-fashioned, she wants the top-of-the-line appliances and tools for her kitchen, because she is very serious about her cooking.
I see a plate of chocolate chip cookies on the counter and see another vase with lilies in it. I grab a cookie off the counter as I round the island that sits in the middle of her kitchen. I lean against it as Gram turns to face me and she asks, "What would you like for dinner, love?"
"Gram, you know I'll eat anything you cook for me," I smile at my 5'4 grandmother with love and she returns it.
"Okay, well how about I cook your favorite?" She says with a smirk on her face.
I smile with excitement. "Your homemade ravioli?"
"Of course!"
"Yay!" I say. "I'm gonna go put my stuff away."
She nods at me and begins to look around in her cabinets for what she needs.
"Love? Before you go up, could you run to the store on the corner and pick me up some tea bags? I only have one left," she says, causing me to turn around.

So the boys are introduced in the next chapter!
I hope you enjoy!
xox -Delilah
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