Summer Love

When Morgan Graduates high school, she goes to live with her grandmother in England the summer before she begins college. She's ready to live it up and make new friends, but what she didn't expect, was to meet one of her old friends, Zayn Malik, her former friend that is now in a worldwide famous boy band, One Direction.
She falls madly in love with a band member, but her time is limited. She has to go back to school in August, and her college is back in the states. What will Morgan do when her time in England has expired?


3. An Old Friend

I walk in the store and see many aisles before me. There isn't very many people here which doesn't necessarily surprise me. It's not a large store but many locals come here for small things they need.
I decide to take my time and just browse around a little bit in case I see anything else I need. When I finally get to the aisle with tea, I see many brands and can't decide which kind was the one I remembered Gram used.
I finally decide on getting two different kinds when I hear something clatter to the ground on the other side of the aisle. I shrug as I hear a few laughs and chuckles and roll my eyes.
I pick up the tea and walk out of the aisle and towards the breakfast aisle when I hear a strangely familiar voice say, "Margret?"
My head snaps back at the name only one person in my life has ever called me.
"Zayn?" I say in a shocked voice.
I see his familiar face and smile brightly.
Memories flood my mind of when I come to my grandmas and met him over Christmas break. We literally were inseparable. But not in the way you'd think.
We had met at a local cinema seeing a film I don't even remember. We sat there and talked in the back the whole time. I was literally the last person to enter and the seat next to him was the ONLY one in the entire theatre. I honestly don't remember the conversation we'd had, but I just remember I loved it. We went out to eat afterward and he became like a brother to me.
After he met my grandma only the next day I introduced him to my cousin, Carla, and I could have sworn it was love at first sight.
They never got serious though, because he knew she would leave soon.
"Oh my goodness! Morgan! It is you!" I jump in his arms and he spins me around before setting me on my feet.
"I haven't seem you in forever!" I reply to him.
"I know right?!" He says in his Bradford accent that I adore.
"How are you? What's it been? Two years?" He asks.
"I'm doing amazing!" I say and then I remember what went on the two years I was in the US. "What about you? You... You're in a boyband!"
"Shh!" He says clamping a hand over my mouth and laughing. "Yeah I am, but don't say it out loud!"
I lick his hand and grin when he pulls away squealing like a little girl.
"Dude, what the hell?" I hear a voice say as I see someone come out of an aisle behind Zayn.
He had curly brown hair and shocking green eyes. He sees me and flashes a 100 watt smile. I recognize him as someone from the bad but I can't recall his name.
"She licked me," Zayn tells him shooting me a mock-disgusted look.
"Who is she?" He asks Zayn, acting as if I'm not there.
"This is Margret, my friend. I met her over two years ago. She's amazing," he informs his curly-haired friend.
"Zayn!" I smack him in the arm. "My name is Morgan, not Margret."
I hold my hand out to him and he takes it and brings it to his lips.
"Nice to meet you, Morgan. I'm Harry," he holds my hand a bit longer before letting it go. I drop it to my side and try not to drool over how attractive he is.
"Niall! Put it back! You don't need all of that crap!" I hear another voice say, followed by a small laugh.
Soon, I see a blond boy come out of an aisle holding about ten boxes of cookies in his arms, along with a large frozen pizza. He is followed by a brunette that is bickering at him to put the food back, and another brunette laughing at both if them.
The brunette that is just laughing looks up and his eyes meet with mine. I see that they're a light blueish grey and he also shows me a bright smile.
"Louis, Liam! Come here! Niall!" Zayn says.
"Who is this?" The brunette with brown eyes says holding his hand out, which I take.
"This is my best friend Morgan, I met her a few years ago!" He says as the blond and other brunette walk up to our cluster. "Morgan this is Liam."
I smile at him as the other brunette comes up and just straight out gives me a hug. It shocks me at first, but then I return it. "Marge, this is Louis. And this Irish blond is Niall!"
"Nice to meet you guys!" I give them all smiles as I realize I'm seeing One Direction standing before me.
The blond just looks at me weird, but not in a rude way. He has a bit of a smirk on his face.
My phone buzzes and I see that it's well past time for me to be at Gram's.
"I have to go, Zayn, so I'll see you later okay?" I say as I give him another hug, which causes the rest of the boys to give me a hug. When Niall hugs me, he puts his face in my neck and I find it very cute.
"Wait, what's your number? We need to meet up sometime soon!" Zayn asks.
After we exchange numbers, I go home.

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