Summer Love

When Morgan Graduates high school, she goes to live with her grandmother in England the summer before she begins college. She's ready to live it up and make new friends, but what she didn't expect, was to meet one of her old friends, Zayn Malik, her former friend that is now in a worldwide famous boy band, One Direction.
She falls madly in love with a band member, but her time is limited. She has to go back to school in August, and her college is back in the states. What will Morgan do when her time in England has expired?


1. Prologue

Finally. I've been waiting since August for this day. Actually, I've practically been waiting for this day since my first day of my freshman year.
My last night being a senior in high school.
In two hours, I will be a graduate of South Intermediate High School. And in about two months, I will be going to college at the University of Kentucky on a volleyball scholarship.
Yeah, that's a long way away from my hometown in Oklahoma, but I've lived here my whole life; I need to get out and explore.
In less that three days I'll be on a plane to London, England where my grandmother lives, and I'll be staying there for my entire summer. That's what I'm most excited about.
I absolutely adore England. All it's little shops, resteraunts. Everything. I usually just go there on Christmas break but when my parents asked me what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go after I graduated high school, it was no surprise to them that I asked to spend my summer in England with my Gram.
My mother is actually from the UK, growing up in Manchester. When she was 18 she moved to the US, fell in live with my dad, and had me when she was twenty. My father is from Oklahoma, yet I tend to take up everything from my mother. Like my accent is nearly identical to hers.
I hear one of the Graduation directors tell me and my waking partner, Jason, to walk on and move on the right.
Jason grabs my hand and begins to pull me forward.
The school graduation is held in our massive gym and its like a large arena. There is the top floor which is just the circle around the chair seats of the gym. We walk on the right side, and the couple behind us walk on the left. I hear my heels clicking the ground and I smile proudly, and look over at Jason as we continue to walk.
Me and Jason chose to be partners halfway through the year when we started dating, which was definitely a mistake, but we agreed to be nice to each other so that we could enjoy out night.
After we've walked our half-circle, we meet with the people that walked on the left side of the circle and we turn together, and descend down the stairs that split the seats in half.
We hear hoops and hollers from every side of us and I smile. Once we get to the floor, we walk down the row and sit down in our seats.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the South Intermediate High School's graduating class of 2013!" Our principal says with excitement—which is probably because she's ready for us to be gone, rather than actually being excited for our success.
The crowd goes wild and we all throw beach balls that we blew up during the ceremony, along with streamers, confetti and some other random party things. We all cheer and hug each other.
After we see our family and other friends we all leave to go to the graduation party the school holds which lasts until eight o'clock in the morning.
I get in moms car with all of my bags already set inside which I see.
"Did you have fun, love?" She says in her warm accent.
"Yeah, I'm exhausted," I say in a rough voice.
"Well you can sleep on the way to the airport and when your on the plane," she says reaching back and patting my knee.
I fall asleep only seconds later.

Like? I hope so!
xox -Delilah
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