A Life With Harry Styles

A girl named Jeana was girlfriend with Harry styles she had a Embarasing and romantic life with Harry and their life goes on. Read my book to see how embarsing and romantic life their life is.


5. Spin the bottle

Niall's POV
Their here!! I shouted for the boys to hear.I can tell this is gonna be a good night.
I went to the door and opened it before letting harry knock on the door, hey niall harry said.
Um hi I'm Jeana Harry's girlfriend she said with her soft smooth voice.
I smiled,what else can i do.
To get Jeana near me i had an idea.
Hey guys,lets play spin the bottle,they all agreed.
I'll go first Harry grin."ok" the first thing u have to do is kiss the one who lands on.

Harry spin the bottle and it lands on Liam,everyone ohhhh's and ahhh's
Harry did what he had to do,he kissed Liam on the cheek.
Next!,louis shouted.

Jeana's POV
I was wondering what was the next dare or whatever their gonna chose,Zayn had an idea of the next thing to do is a seven mintutes in heaven,i was shocked when i heard him say that.
This time Niall spins the bottle,and it stops and lands on....
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