A Life With Harry Styles

A girl named Jeana was girlfriend with Harry styles she had a Embarasing and romantic life with Harry and their life goes on. Read my book to see how embarsing and romantic life their life is.


3. shes beautiful

Jeana's POV                                                                                         i was exited to finally meet the boys.I never got to meet them because they were busy with the 2013 take me home tour,they just had a meeting yesterday for the tour.                                                  Harry's POV                                                                                         im happy to see that jeana was exited to meet the boys.Anyways i got in the shower and clean myself.After my shower i putted on some jeans on and a grey TH sweater i got for my birthday.I brushed my teeth and headed down stairs when i see jeana making breakfest.I tipped toed to her and hug her behind,oh my god you scared me,she giggled. "Haha,did you know that i love u?" Yes....i knew that when it was our first date,she said giving a smile.                                                                                                               Niall's POV                                                                                          i cant wait to see jeana,harry showed me a picture of her,she was abusoluty beautiful her curly hair her hazel eyes shes what i ever wanted,but i cant have her....only if i can MAKE her mine tonight...shes beautiful.                                                               

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