A Life With Harry Styles

A girl named Jeana was girlfriend with Harry styles she had a Embarasing and romantic life with Harry and their life goes on. Read my book to see how embarsing and romantic life their life is.


7. I cant do this

Niall's POV
I spin the bottle,it stopped i was so happy,it was jeana! She Had a shock face when the bottle picked her.Harry was upset and jealous.
Shes my girlfriend,you know?Harry replied."Yes i did know that Harry"
You two go upstairs and have some privacy,Zayn said with a half smile.
Okay,i just replied.I was exited about the seven minutes in heaven.

Jeana's POV
"What just happened",i was asking myself in my head.
Do i really need to go upstairs with niall and have SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!?!?!!
I have a boyfriend,y'all know that right?,i yelled to the boys.
No,they said in a joke way.
Hurry up and go upstairs already!!Louis shouted to me and niall.

*upstairs in niall's room*

Niall's POV
I walked in my room and waited for Jeana to come sit on my bed next to me.
Lets Begin,i started.
Uhhhhhh,she replied back.
I went closer to her and just in seconds my lips were on her lips.
This was amazing,i thought to myself.
Jeana pulled back.
What's wrong?,i asked.
WHAT'S WRONG!?!?! I have a boyfriend and he is downstairs!
Okay so what does that mean?
It means i cant do this with you,she said in shamed And embarrased.
Can i tell you something,i asked her.
Yeah,she said in calm.
I never told you this before but i love you so much,the day Harry showed me a picture of you i..i said to myself that your the most beautiful girl i have ever met in my whole life!,i said in power.
I..i dont know what to say Niall,she said with her amazing voice.
Please Jeana!, I... I love you jeana and i always will, no matter what!,i said in relief.

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