A Life With Harry Styles

A girl named Jeana was girlfriend with Harry styles she had a Embarasing and romantic life with Harry and their life goes on. Read my book to see how embarsing and romantic life their life is.


8. Fight over me.

Harry's POV
I heard moans and screaming upstairs,i had to check what was going on with Niall and Jeana.
I tipped toed upstairs and opened the bedroom door to Niall's room,i was shocked and upset what i have seen right infront of me.
Niall was having SEX with Jeana!
I grew anger inside of me i just couldn't believe niall and jeana would do this to me.
WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE,i shouted with anger.
Niall stoped and had a shock look on his face.
I walked closer to Niall and punched him in the face.
Jeana was crying so hard.
Niall go off the floor and started to punch Harry in the stomach and face.
The other boys heard Harry yelling and ran up the stairs.
Niall was knocked out from Pain and yelling.
Jeana looked at me and ran out of the room crying.
I was sorry for her and what i have done to her.
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