A Life With Harry Styles

A girl named Jeana was girlfriend with Harry styles she had a Embarasing and romantic life with Harry and their life goes on. Read my book to see how embarsing and romantic life their life is.


1. An Embarasing Moring

Jeana's POV

I woke up by birds cheerping outside the window.Harry was still sleeping

so i got up and went in the shower.

Harry's POV

I woke up and noticed Jeana wasnt here,i looked around the room and still

nothing.But then i heard the water in the shower running on.I was guessing 

Jeana was in the shower.I went to the bathroom and opened the door the the shower.

My jaw just droped down to the floor from seeing my girlfriend (Jeana) naked in the

shower for the first time!

Jeana's POV

When i was in the shower i heard the bathroom door opened i was hoping it wasnt Harry because he would of saw me naked,it would be so embarasing if Harry saw me naked so the door opened and all in a sudden Harry opened the shower door and i was him staring at me in a creepy way.HARRY!!! I screamed.GET OUT NOW!! I said in a embarasing voice .

Harry closed the door fast and started laughing.Why are you laughing?

I have no idea.He said in his husky voice.

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