Anna is a normal girl...well not that normal...when she was 8 her mom found her in a bush beaten up crying...from that day on she never spoke again because she was scared she might tell the secret...she soon meets her neighbor Harry...will he be able to make her speak? Will it be easy? Maybe it will...maybe it wont...


9. Stop joking Anna!!!

* Anna's Pov *
"What happened?" Harry asked all the guys comforting me
A/N. it's night time. // go //
Out of no were the lights go out...water is pouring and we all go downstairs and our of no were some one grabs me I try to scream but it was no use then I was dragged out if the house...
* Harry's Pov *
We were at the table out of no were the lights go on and Anna is missing...there is a note I read it out loud:if you ever wanna see precious Anna again the you have to find her...I will give her a week if you don't find her by then...she gets it -???
I ran out the house and ran to the police...
"READ THIS!!!" I said
She read it and she ran to tell the police...
"Okay so we told the news to ask for volunteers alright?"
"Yea..." I ran home ran to her room checked everywhere I panicked
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