Anna is a normal girl...well not that normal...when she was 8 her mom found her in a bush beaten up crying...from that day on she never spoke again because she was scared she might tell the secret...she soon meets her neighbor Harry...will he be able to make her speak? Will it be easy? Maybe it will...maybe it wont...


3. i think im in love!

*Harry's pov*
When I saw her I thought Jesus sent an angel from above...like when I knocked on her door and angle opened it...when she told me she didn't speak I demanded that I find out why ni matter what it takes...if its the last thing I do! ...OMN!!! I think I'm in love with a girl who dosent speak...I look at her...'I have to make cup makes for my party tonight' she put
"Ill help!" I said 'you sure?'
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