Anna is a normal girl...well not that normal...when she was 8 her mom found her in a bush beaten up crying...from that day on she never spoke again because she was scared she might tell the secret...she soon meets her neighbor Harry...will he be able to make her speak? Will it be easy? Maybe it will...maybe it wont...


10. Help me!

* Anna's Pov *
We were in the middle of the woods...
"Remember me?" He asked
I shook my head no
"The one who made you like this..."
I start to cry...
"You can speak...I won't hurt you!"
I was scared I might tell my secret but he is the one who did this
"PLEASE HELP ME!!!" I screamed
"Ah...there you go!"
Just then Harry and the boys ran in thank god I'm saved...I noticed I now how a regular voice sense the last time I checked...
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