Anna is a normal girl...well not that normal...when she was 8 her mom found her in a bush beaten up crying...from that day on she never spoke again because she was scared she might tell the secret...she soon meets her neighbor Harry...will he be able to make her speak? Will it be easy? Maybe it will...maybe it wont...


8. Carnival

* Harry's Pov*
Me and the boys are going to the carnival today and I want Anna to come...I noticed she has a huge cut on her stomach...I need to know what happened...but first...I need to sake if she wants to go...
"Hey Anna!"
"Me and the boys were wondering if you wanted to go to the carnival with us..."
'Sure let me get ready'
I realized that she only giggles laughs smiles and screams but never talk I never seen her cry befor...I don think she does...maybe

*Anna's Pov *
I went upstairs to change...I saw him in the window...I screamed and everyone ran in
"WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!" Harry screamed
I just cried into his chest and when I turned around...I saw him again I screamed again...
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