Anna is a normal girl...well not that normal...when she was 8 her mom found her in a bush beaten up crying...from that day on she never spoke again because she was scared she might tell the secret...she soon meets her neighbor Harry...will he be able to make her speak? Will it be easy? Maybe it will...maybe it wont...


1. Hi Im Harry!

*Anna's Pov*
"Can you make cupcakes for the party tonight?"
my sister Lizzy asked I gave her a thumbs up
"Your gonna have to speak sooner or later"
I grabbed my pen and wrote 'I choose later!'
she rolled her eyes
"Imma go to the office...don't forget those cupcakes!"
She left when she turend the corner I ran to my room grabbed a buttoned white short my pink heart boxers and my sunglasses ran down stairs turned the music really loud and started dancing...I was dancing for 30 minutes when I heard the door knock...I grabbed my pen and my notebook forgetting what I was wearing and answered the door
"Hi...I'm Harry."
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