Korma catastrophe with the direction boys...

I hope you like my first ever fan-fic! Well this isn't a proper story, but one I wanted to write for my friend because she is absolutely positively in love with the One Direction boys ^_^ so hope you enjoy it, and I hope in the future, that I'll write something a lot better aswell :P


4. Thirteen!

Harry's POV


The journey to the hospital wasn't long, but Alice had already fallen asleep on my shoulder. To be fair, it was ten past midnight. She had the one curl that kept poking me in the face. As many times as i had tried to push it away it kept poking me back. Zayn and Liam kept laughing at my atempts and subsequent failures. 

We had arrived at the hospital and Lou got wheeled off into the hospital for a sew up. We all said our goodbyes to him, hoping he'd be okay. The ambulance driver had given us a long speech about Lou -which went in one ear and out the other faster than you can say MARSHMELLOW EYEBROWS!- We were told to sit in the chairs by the reception.

"Guys i'm actually starving," Niall moaned, clutching his stomach dramatically, pretending to collapse on the floor.

"Are you for real?" I frowned at him. He got up and sat back in his chair.

"There's a vending machine round the corner?" The Receptionist leant over her desk to face Niall.

You could see Niall's eyes light up, not only to the fact that she was a good-looking Receptionist but the fact that there was actual food in this place. He jumped out from his seat and legged it round the corner following the lady's directions. I was starting to get really annoyed. It seemed like everyone had forgotten about Louis and he was the bloddy reason we were all here!


Zayn's POV


I think Niall's comforting method was eating. He just doesn't stop! I'm suprised he hasn't become obese. Harry was starting to look cheesed off. Niall annoyed him with his food habits. He had become unusually quiet.

"What time is it?" I yawned, sliding down the metal chair we had to wait in, Mia looked at her watch.

"It's about 20 past 12..." She trailed off yawning.

"Really?" Alice said shocked. "We have well and truley missed our train!"

"Your Dad will kill you!" Mia said under her breath,

"OH GOSH!" Alice jolted upright, trying her coat pockets left on the last pocket she found her phone. "Few!" she checked it, then her smile fell off her face. she looked at the phone again and then at Mia.

"THIRTEEN MISSED CALLS!" She gasped, Mia's eyebrows could have raised the roof.

"Thirteen?!" Mia repeated looking serious.

"Thirteen missed calls from your dad?" Harry added, "Woahhhh!"

"Thirte-" Liam tried to add before getting cut off,

"YES! Thirteen okay" Alice went red, and started to laugh, Mia joined in too, soon enough we were all laughing.

"RING HIM!" Mia suddenly screamed! Alice nodded and ran for the exit of the Hospital.

"WAIT!" Liam shouted. Alice turned round,

"Ask him if you can stay the night at ours and we'll drop you off in the morning!"

"Okay!" she shouted down the hospital hallway, not even questioning the offer.

"What? Wait, are you sure?" Mia questioned us

"Yes sure, you've helped us out with Louis, and you missed the last train, so don't worry about it!"

"Honestly!" I added in, Mia was a really nice girl, i got talking to her in the ambulance. We ended up debating on who the best artist was, me or her. I hadn't really got to know Alice yet, but she seemed nice too.

She smiled gratefully, "Ah, Thankyou!" she exclaimed. She looked genuinly pleased that the sound of a bed was in the deal.

That's when Niall strolled happily round the corner eating his Mars bar. He turned to sit down, before he did so he pulled out six other chocolate bars, and put them in his lap.

"Ah, so you found the food then eh?" Liam said sarcastically

"MLYAH" He tried to say 'Yeah' with a mouth full of Mars bar, we all looked away not wanting to see a human washing machine, making the same 'ewwww' sound.

Mia laughed at him, Me, Liam and Haz just shook our heads distastefully. She was lucky she didn't have it all the time!

A nurse walked into the hall. "Your friend, has woken up now," THANK GOD! The smiles grew on our faces, "don't worry it was nothing major, we just stitched up the wound," I winced getting tingles in my head, I was what they called 'sensitive' to Hospital terms... "He collapsed because the pain was too much for him, but you guys took care of him well" She looked pleased and led us into a small cubical.






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