Korma catastrophe with the direction boys...

I hope you like my first ever fan-fic! Well this isn't a proper story, but one I wanted to write for my friend because she is absolutely positively in love with the One Direction boys ^_^ so hope you enjoy it, and I hope in the future, that I'll write something a lot better aswell :P


3. Thanks for the postcard

Alice's POV

"Are you having a bloody laugh."

"I do believe, that's our train"

"We can't get on. Can we?"

"Nope, wave it goodbye and say hello to the 40 quid taxi drive home" Our conversation stopped when we heard a guys scream.

"Craaappp" Mia yelled running up the second half of the stairs, Me following swiftly behind. I hadn't really thought about the actual reality of the night. We had started off a normal Friday with going to the club as normal, just for a laugh, mia and i like to have a socialise with randomers, slightly abnormal but its a laugh. Then we missed the 1st train by about 5 seconds! Which is strange because we have never missed it before and we've been doing this for god knows how long. And then, the last train gets delayed and also, we end up on for 5 boys eating happy meals that look old enough to be selling beer in a bar!

Mia's POV

We got to the other platform stairs and jumped down the stairs, not over rushing but rushing, so we didn't look that desperate to meet them and not too relaxed that it looked rude and that we didn't want to help them. It was oddly quiet.

Alice slipped on the drain behind me landing right on her tushi with a "oofff" knocking the wind out of her, "Owww! That really hurt you know" Just then the boy with blood on his hands came jogging over to us.

"Hey you okay?!!" He helped her up, i felt really bad then i let a stranger help up my bestfriend and i didnt think to do it myself...

Before she got to reply or even look at him properly he dragged us over by my arm and into the waiting room where there was 3 other boys crouching around another one. He was on the only chair in the waiting room, blood on his head, hunched over tilting forward elbows on his knees face in his hands.

One of them noticed Me and Alice standing in the door way with 'blood hands' and sighed with releif.

"Thankgod, people with some bloddy sense!" Said a curley haird one.

"-He slipped on this curry stuff" added a blonde one, looking confused.

"To be honest, it looked like sick" another interupted and gagged,

"Thanks for that Zayn!" The curley haired one looked at me and Alice and smiled welcoming us into the waiting room. Then he turned and frowned at the two argueing boys next to him.

"Shut up Niall! you would have eaten it if Louis hadn't slipped over in it!" Said Zayn disgustedly.

The blonde boy now named Niall took offence, opening his mouth wide as if to say 'You did not just say that!' I saw Alice smile in the corner of my eye.

"GUYS SHUT UP!" Cried the boy on the floor. He clutched his ears looking annoyed. They stopped arguing and looked at the floor.

"Harry, she knows first aid!" exclaimed the boy behind us pointing to me, walking infront of us and over to 'Harry'

"Liam I think she has a name!" Harry said tyring to be a gentleman,

"Mia's the name" i smiled at him

"And?" he added.

"Alice" She smiled and blushed.

"Well, um could you help him, he's busted up his head.. slipping on some korma looking stuff and we're not quite sure what to do.." He trailed off at the end realising how rediculous it sounded.

He gestured for us to come over. Even though the light in the waiting room wasnt very good,  there was enough to see peoples faces, to tell you the truth they were all very good looking lads.

Zayn and Niall decided to go out to the vending machine for a packet of frutellas, cause they were aparently badman sweets, you could hear them argueing over the number of it and where the money was coming out of. Everyone inside the waiting rooms was smiling and laughing along to the disagreements.

I looked over to Alice we both opened our eyes wide and shrugged our eyebrows happily, she definately thought they were hot aswell, we smiled embaressingly at eachother and quickly looked away, incase we'd laugh.

Alice and Harry stood at the opposite end of the waitng room talking about how we ended up in wimbledon. I caught her eye, i couldnt help but to wink at her jokingly while sending her a Mind-Message saying 'GET IN THERE GIRL!' She glared at me, trying to be descrete without Harry seeing,

if looks could kill i'd be as dead as a dead thing!

I turned to Louis in the seat and crouched down so he could see me, he smiled gratefully

"Nice eyebrows?" He grinned and laughed inwardly, wincing in pain as he did so.

"What?" I was confused, i reached up to my eyebrows and hit the Marshmellows firmly glued to my eyebrows. "I cant believe you didn't tell me Alice!" I yelled as i glared across the waiting room and returned the death look to Alice. I pulled them off with a tug, and shoved them into my coat pocket, trying to look as casual as i possibly could.

He laughed again, "I must say, you pulled them off pretty well though, Mia right?"

I laughed inwardly at myself shaking my head "Yep that's me, like marshmellows?" I smiled sarcastically,

"Yes love them! And yeah, thanks by the way i know its a bit weird.. this?"

"Dont worry memories need to be made somehow" I replied back. 

He fashed a smile and lifted his hand up to his head and accidentally touched his wound, he pulled his hand away in fright and in shock he froze looking at his blood covered hand. I turned to Liam, for help.

"M..M...Mia?" He shouted, Liam ran forward looking frightened, i looked at him and then back at Louis. He was slouched over like he was asleep.

"OH SHI-" He was completely out. "Liam! Harry!, We need an ambulance" I shouted ait faceing Louis, he still didn't wake up, he was defiantely out cold.

Harry and Alice rushed over, Harrys face when he saw Louis was horrible, he looked as if he was going to cry. "I'll ring them!" He ran out, "Alice go with him please and make sure he odesn't cry on the phone!" whispered Liam, Alice ran out after him following his instructions.

I tapped his cheek, his whole body rolled forward onto me, "WOAHHHHH!" Liam pushed him back up, alowing me to stand up again. "Thanks" Liam smiled and held him up right.

Now i was scared, blood was still dripping out of his head and he'd collapsed on us. The tear rolling down Liam's cheek wasn't from sadness but from fear. He looked away, wiping his cheek, not realising that he wiped Louis blood all over his cheeks. "We should get him into the recovery position."


Liam's POV

Once we had put Lou into the recovery position, Mia and i sat down next to him so we could keep an eye on him, just incase anything happened.

"I just wanted to say thanks for this evening, even if he did pass out before you could even do anything" She giggled,

"That's alright, im glad to have helped in some way or form" She smiled and yawned

Harry ran in, "The ambulance is out the front the medics are coming in any minute" He'd been crying it was obvious but i couldn't say anything, I'm sure Alice had kept him company and made sure he was okay.

"Would you two come with us?" Harry sounded desperate.

Mia and Alice looked shocked.

Alice spoke for the both of them, "Yeah sure, no problem"

Mia nodded along, atleast we could properly get to know them.

Zayn and Niall came rushing in followed by a group of paramedics, they asked us to wait in the van while they sorted Lou out.

"Don't worry okay" Mia kissed me on the cheek and hugged me on the way out of the station and into the ambulance van.

Harry had already got his arm around Alice by the time we were sat down in the ambulance. Wow he's one smooth talker.

That's when lou came in on a stretcher.













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