Korma catastrophe with the direction boys...

I hope you like my first ever fan-fic! Well this isn't a proper story, but one I wanted to write for my friend because she is absolutely positively in love with the One Direction boys ^_^ so hope you enjoy it, and I hope in the future, that I'll write something a lot better aswell :P


1. Everybody plays tennis in Wimbledon...

Mia's POV "This train is taking SOOOO long!" I screeched as a shiver ran up and out of my spine. The weather was turning for the worse and I could feel the faint every 2 minute drop of rain that you could never make out whether it was rain, or someone who was spitting in your eye...

It was getting dark and me and Alice were the only people on the platform which made the loud shrieks of our laughter and the our version of the 'Party Rock Anthem' echo around the whole station. She was falling all over the place pretending to be stuck in a time vortex, also eating gummy worms and pretending to be an Ood. I decided to join in by licking marshmellows and sticking them onto my eyebrows raising them up and down like mr bean.

"When is the train coming?" I asked, still with the marshmellows stuck firmly by the power of spit on my eyebrows.

"It should be coming in about....?" She looked at her arm and then realised it was the other arm with the watch on it. We giggled like children. "20 minutes, been delayed" she smiled and shrugged.

"20 minutes?!"

"Yes, 20 minutes!"

"20 blooming minutes!" I craned my neck out like a chicken.


"£1000!" I yelled! "Sorry, it fitted with the moment.." We laughed, my back started to ache so I leant against the 'Wimbledon' tube sign while Alice gazed into the distance for a moment, I still think trying to figure out my one thousand pound joke. We still had 17 minutes till the train was meant to come.

Alice started skipping all over the place like a fairy on magic mushrooms, "weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" She shouted with her bobble hat bouncing up and down. As she dived onto the bench to do the all famous plank her bobble hat flopped onto her face, I couldn't stop laughing it was like watching the Hoobs on fast forward.

"Come on girl! I haven't drunk enough to stop myself being able to Zumba" Alice began to shake her hips as she turned on Shakira's waka waka World Cup song. We both did the usual Zumba dance we created when we was fourteen. We had danced till the end of the song doing the full dance with the fullest effort anyone could ever give.

We flopped onto the bench Alice had previously planked on, not realising the 5 boys on the opposite platform staring straight at us....

Both turning as red as Monroes lips, we froze in shock of embarrassment.

All the boys smiled at us, that grin that we knew they actually enjoyed it, and the fact they had probably been there for the Ood and the marshmellows- OH GOD I STILL HAVE THE MARSHMELLOWS ON MY EYEBROWS!! MAJOR CRINGE!

We both looked at each other and slumped into our coats, smiling it out. Because we knew if we didn't smile about it we would crack up or cry there and then, we simultaneously lifted our scarves up in front of our faces to cover our tomato cheeks. And my well gorgeous eyebrows...

"Oh My God!!!" We both whisper shouted at the same time, not realising how obvious we were pointing out the fact that we was embarrassed by our law breaking 'Zumba dance'

"When I get to three, run to the 'way out stairs!'" I nodded and agreed.

We counted together "1... 2....3!"

We jumped off the bench, as we did so i couldn't help but think that they were all EXTREMELY good-looking. We legged it into the stair well melting onto the stairs, silently cry-laughing our heads off, rocking back and forwards pointing at each other and my eyebrows, and finding gummy worms that had fallen out of Alice's scarf all in complete silence.

 That's when it smashed...

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