Korma catastrophe with the direction boys...

I hope you like my first ever fan-fic! Well this isn't a proper story, but one I wanted to write for my friend because she is absolutely positively in love with the One Direction boys ^_^ so hope you enjoy it, and I hope in the future, that I'll write something a lot better aswell :P


2. An Inspector calls


“CHEESUS! 'Sounded like someone’s broken a window!” Mia jumped up in fright and rubbed her ears in pain, pulling an 'oarrhh' face as she did so. Not realising that her Marshmellow eyebrows were still fully intact.

I got up following, “What on earth was that?” I pulled a face that clearly showed my ears ringing. I peered round the corner of the stair well cautiously, nervous what I’d find.

“There anything interesting Chief inspector?” Mia said creeping round me and out of the stairway. Looking like a cartoon that was trying to be as quiet as possible.

“It looks the same as it did earlier...” I crept out after her. “Oh yeah” I replied suspiciously. Nothing had changed at all. Odd?

We stood there like melons swinging our arms back an’ forth waiting for something to happen, I’m not really sure what she was expecting, but I was glad there wasn’t a great big oath with a pistol thinking he was terminator smashing all the windows.

“Can you see a large blue box anywhere?” Mia asked and giggled.

“No I do not see the Tardis anywhere Mia, and no the doctor has not recruited us as his new companions! So stop dreaming and come back to bloddy earth” I was completely aware that I had shattered all of Mia’s dreams in one sentence but the fact that everything was still the same was starting to freak me out, Big time.

I was trying to figure out what had actually smashed when one of the boys from earlier ran out of the waiting room opposite us, looking lost and in need of help, he saw Mia and I watching him and he sighed with what I thought was relief.

“My friend… He’s hurt his head and… Does one of you know first aid?” He was stressed, worried and all over the place i thought he was about to break down and he didn’t seem to know what to do with his hands. He was like a jelly on a plate. Literally.

OH MY GOSH!, his hands were covered with something? I couldn’t see clearly what it was from where I was standing, but I had a mental rough idea of what it was.

Blood. Oh no... PLEASE NOT BLOOD!

He wanted our help and fast!


Mia’s POV

He needed a first aider; I looked at Alice for any signs. She shook her head worriedly. Then, it whacked me in the face like a wet fish!

“I DO!” I screamed. I couldn’t believe I had forgot, he sighed with relief and his eyes lit up like fireflies. Before he had even asked us to, Alice was already running up the stairs. I shot on up behind her.

Alice froze half way up and turned to face me with a dead expression on her face. I stopped, slightly freaked out.

“Why’d you stop?” I asked confused, why we were wasting time dillydallying on the stairs I don’t know! She pointed to the bottom of the stairs. I couldnt find what she was pointing to.

"Crap." I heard her mutter to herself.

That was when i realised.

The last train of the night had just arrived...

"Shit-…                                               -ake mushrooms!"


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