Mara is half blind, and half deaf. She can't hear herself, and can't see herself. She has never had a friend before. Imagines that one day.....she will have a friend who understands what she is going through....that one day, everyone realizes her sunshine.


4. Torture Camp

I got through my first week of school. I can't believe it. It was the worst experience  of my life. :/ I couldn't handle not telling my parents about how school is REALLY going. They understood why I didn't want to tell them. I mean, if you were in my situation would you want to tell your parents?

My mom knocks on my door with a HUGE smile on her face holding a piece of paper. She hands me the paper, it reads "Fun camp! November 10th! 1072 Oakridge Dr. Meet new friends, learn about nature, math, science, environments, and different cultures!" it sounds more like "Torture camp" to me! I am totally for making new friends, but ugh! I hate learning unless i have to! But my mom.. I can tell she wants me to go.

Confession: I hate Camps. Last time I went to Day camp and the Goodman Community center and it was the most.. take that back, second most worst experience of my life. All the kids made fun of me for barely being able to see and hear them. Imagine what would happen now? I wouldn't be able to hear at all, and still would barely be a able to see. I walk downstairs to get some water, but them my mom puts my coat and shoes on and motions me out the door. Why is she doing this? I don't have to be anywhere. My mom mouths "I singed you up for a therapist appointment and we are going to be late!"

"What?" I say back. "I didn't know about this."

She says "I know but I think it will be good for you." 

We get in the car, and drive to the "Therapist" On the way their, my mom turns on the radio and says "this is your favorite song!" :) I watch her mouth move and realize she said that. She turns up the volume. I can't hear it, and she must have forgot. She looks at my face and realizes i'm not smiling. She must have remembered because she turns off the music, and the rest of the car ride, we don't speak. A tear runs down my face.



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