Mara is half blind, and half deaf. She can't hear herself, and can't see herself. She has never had a friend before. Imagines that one day.....she will have a friend who understands what she is going through....that one day, everyone realizes her sunshine.


2. The night that changed my life forever

           It started with a thunder storm. I could feel my heart skip a beat every time it struck.  I was home alone. I looked outside, the rain dripped down the window, onto the ground. It was getting late, so I was going to call my mom and ask her when she will get home. I carefully dialed in her number and waited. The phone rang and rang...suddenly I heard a crashing, vibrating sound...and everything went black. 

              I woke up in the hospital, all I heard was ringing. I couldn't hear? What happened? Everything was silent. My mom wrote something down on a piece of  paper, it said, "while you were on the phone calling me, lightning struck the telephone wire and now you are deaf in both ears. I'm sorry sweetie." I..I...I can't...can't." I stammered as I felt tears run down my face, just like the rain that ran down the window.....I thought. I felt my big heavy eyelashes want to close, and I let them.

         I felt a poke in my arm, the doctors attached a tube that was attached to a bag of clear liquid. The nurse pressed a button, and the liquid drizzled into my arm. I felt the need to ask what the clear liquid was... but I wouldn't be able to hear them answer anyway... so I didn't. My mom looks at me with worry in her eyes, I wonder what she is worrying about? Probably about me....since i just became deaf for life! Tears dripping down my face again, I tell my mom, "I want to go home."

On my way home, I feel as if i'm watching myself, not...inside myself. I watch the birds in the sky, One flies, and the other one flies after it. Then they switch. I watch them soar across the sky...feeling free. 


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