Mara is half blind, and half deaf. She can't hear herself, and can't see herself. She has never had a friend before. Imagines that one day.....she will have a friend who understands what she is going through....that one day, everyone realizes her sunshine.


1. Prologue

No one will ever understand how hard it is for me. Barely seeing, barely hearing, and having no friends.

I am a positive person...I always will be a positive person. That is how I get through my life. Because being a positive person is like being sunshine...on a rainy day!(: I imagine that one day I will have a friend, who understands what I am going through, and how I feel.

         I moved here three months ago, I have not made a friend yet... I never have had a friend before. I wonder what it is like.  I know I will make a friend soon. I will. Right?

          I wake up and look in the bathroom mirror. My hair is brown? I don't know. I don't care. I can barely see it because I can only see out of one eye. My eyes are brown... I know that for sure. My mom told me how beautiful there are when I was younger. I hope I'm as pretty as she says I am. 

    Barely being able to hear and see yourself is very hard. School, for me is very harder. Especially at lunch because I usually sit by myself. If I try to sit with other people they just get up and walk away, whispering something I can't quite catch.  I'm used to it though, I don't care if nobody likes me. Because I know, One day they will realize my sunshine. 


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