Mara is half blind, and half deaf. She can't hear herself, and can't see herself. She has never had a friend before. Imagines that one day.....she will have a friend who understands what she is going through....that one day, everyone realizes her sunshine.


3. First Day at a Silent School

I wake up to the soft touch on my arm of my mothers hand. I slowly rise and walk down the stairs to eat breakfast. My mom made me pancakes!  After finishing my second pancake, I walk upstairs to get dressed. I slip on my jeans and put on my purple tank-top and v-neck. Brushing my teeth...can't hear a thing. It's weird but I miss the sound of the bristles brushing against my teeth. Brushing my hair too, the sound of the bristles un-tangling the knots in my hair. I walked down the stairs, not being able to hear the usual creaking sound I used to hear when I stepped on the next stair. My mom walks me to school every morning, today On my way to school it felt weird not being able to hear all the kids laughing and playing, or the birds chirping, or even the cars driving by. When I got to school, my mom mouths "I love you" (at least I think thats what she said.) I say I love you back. Do you know how weird it is to say something and  and not be able to hear yourself say it? To say something and you want to say it again but you know you already said it? 

I walk into the school, seeing the mouths of all the children move, but no sound coming out of them. I am lead into my homeroom, and given a spot at one of the tables. All the kids look at me in confusion. The teacher tells the class something and everyone looks away. I am given a math workbook and the teacher writes down the pages I need to do. So many pages! I don't think I can handle this! But, I don't want to cause any trouble, and I only have an hour, so I get started right away.  

I got through all my core classes, and now it's time for lunch. I walk into the cafeteria alone, as always, and get in line for food. I can't believe these food choices! Like, what is "Mushroom guacamole?!!" Or "Avocado cisialie?!" Whatever. I decide to get caesar salad. I walk down the cafeteria aisle awkwardly not knowing where to sit. I come across a group of girls laughing and smiling. That sounds like a good place to sit, to me! So I set my salad on the table and sit down. The girls start whispering and about five minutes later, they pick up their lunches and go join another group of girls. I feel a small tear run down my face. As small as those bitches hearts are! :(

School is over now, and I'm at home doing homework. It's unbelievable how mean those girls were. Like, what do the teachers teach these kids?! ha ha. There's a knock on my door... it's my mom. She motions for me to come down stairs, It's probably time for dinner. I follow her downstairs, and sit down at the table. After eating a few bits of mash potatoes, my father mouths "How was school? Did you make any friends?" Answers running through my head! What do I say?! I don't want to tell the truth because I don't want them feeling bad for me! All I can think of was "Yeah.. Some, and school was fine." I hate lying to my parents. 


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