The Ice Queen

First story just to try it out..
Eira has the most piercing blue eyes anyone has ever seen. She didn't really notice or think much of it until she learned of her importance in her family history. When she turned fifteen she could suddenly transform into a wolf and was destined to become an alpha..


3. The Meeting

"We meet here now, Children of Fire and Ice, to keep the old ways and elements. I start this meeting." breathed an Elder, whose eyes were dancing with the light of the fire that was built in the middle of the clearing, sat on the nearest log to him.

"Greetings all, I hope your journey here wasn't too bad. All of you are wondering why we have summoned this meeting after such a long time." Amak stood up and bellowed. Mutterings rumbled through the council. Amak lifted his foot and thumped the ground. His cold blue eyes narrowed as they surveyed the crowd. A hush fell over the group consisting of all men apart from Eira.

"Now since you have all shut yer traps, I asked you all to come because my daughter, the Ice heir, is to join the council and when she's old enough, marry the Fire heir to make a truce between our two elements."

Eira's eyes snapped to her Father's and then to Aodhfin's , staring right at him, she stood up and stormed out of the clearing into the pitch black forest.

"How unlike an Ice, such a fiery temperment, she'll be a handful my boy!" guffawed Keegan slapping his son, Aodhfin, on the back.

Amak's gaze fell to the Fire alpha.

"Maybe if your heir showed more enthusiasm Keegan, my girl would not be so hot-headed"

Suddenly a rusty eyed and coloured wolf was snarling,bearing it's teeth and circling Amak. The Ice alpha shifted into a huge, snowy wolf with piercing blue eyes and launched his attack.

The rest of the packs were too busy egging on the fight to notice Aodhfin slip out of the clearing into the shadowy forest in search of Eira.

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