The Ice Queen

First story just to try it out..
Eira has the most piercing blue eyes anyone has ever seen. She didn't really notice or think much of it until she learned of her importance in her family history. When she turned fifteen she could suddenly transform into a wolf and was destined to become an alpha..


2. The Lake

The lakes surface was a mirror, glimmering, like Eira's eyes. They traced the lake longingly looking for any ripples on its glassy exterior. Her platinum blonde hair hung still at her waist. The trees surrounding her cast shadows over the lake making it hard to see any movement. The water exploded upwards as if a depth charge had been set off, spraying Eira lightly. Her keen eyes narrowed at the figure emerging. The freezing water formed droplets on his hard chest and abdomen, running down to his swimming shorts. He flicked his bronze blood hair out of his burning amber eyes and grinned at Eira.

"Eventually you arrive Aodhfin", snorted Eira.

"I always arrive on time, ice queen."

Eira laughed as she strode ahead off into the dark forest, Aodhfin sauntering behind.

Eira abruptly came to a halt at the start of a clearing, Aodhfin crashing into her back knocking her over and somehow managing to land on top of her.

"Get off me you lump!" screeched Eira, while kicking him off.

"Oh come on don't say you didn't enjoy it", replied Aodhfin cockily.

"EIRA WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? YOU'VE KEPT THE COUNCIL WAITING", roared a voice out of the dark clearing.

"Sorry Father, Aodhfin isn't the best timekeeper."

"Well at least you've arrived, now hurry up now and get over here" sighed Amak.

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