The Ice Queen

First story just to try it out..
Eira has the most piercing blue eyes anyone has ever seen. She didn't really notice or think much of it until she learned of her importance in her family history. When she turned fifteen she could suddenly transform into a wolf and was destined to become an alpha..


4. Hide and Seek


The branches of the trees were like whips as Aodhfin brushed past them. He came to the start of a small and well hidden clearing. He shifted into a large russet wolf, shaking off his human form and taking his wolf. He shook his fur and sniffed the air for Eira. He could tell she was nearby, from the scent of her perfume. He let out a short bark to let her know it was him and not another pack member. A deep growl rumbled out of the shadows at the other side of the clearing. An ivory coloured wolf with lapis lazuli blue eyes stepped out into the clearing. She growled again warning Aodhfin to stay away. He rolled his eyes and shifted back to human with ease.

"Stop being such a drama queen Eira. Jesus. Do you think I had any say in this? I found out the same time as you did."

The wolf snarled and charged at Aodhfin, shifting just in time to a  blonde haired girl, and tackled him. Eira scrambled up to her feet quickly and shouted at Aodhfin.

"Can't you tell when a girl wants to be alone? Or are you just incapable of caring!?"

He rolled over onto his back and replied: "I'm sure if you wanted me gone you could force me out of here, but we both know that ain't happening."

Eira sighed and sat down, pulling her legs up to her chest hugging them tight.

"We have no choice, about our futures, who we'll fall in love with, or anything any more.."

Eira's concerns were silenced as Aodhfin's lips crushed her's as he pulled her up and they stumbled into the murky night.

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