The Ice Queen

First story just to try it out..
Eira has the most piercing blue eyes anyone has ever seen. She didn't really notice or think much of it until she learned of her importance in her family history. When she turned fifteen she could suddenly transform into a wolf and was destined to become an alpha..


1. The Packs and Characters

The Ice Pack-Main characters

Amak- Eira's father and alpha of the pack

Eira-Daughter of the alpha and soon to be an alpha of a new pack formed with Aodhfin and the Fires

Dakota-Eira's best friend and beta (second in charge)

Kai-Eira's younger brother

The Fire Pack-Main characters

Keegan-Aodhfin's father and alpha of the pack

Aodhfin-Son of Keegan and soon the be an alpha of new pack formed with Eira and the Ices

Blas-Aodhfin's best friend and beta

Enya-Aodhfin's younger sister

The Lupus pack (New pack)

Aodhfin-Male alpha (males have more power than females)

Eira-Female alpha

Blas-Male beta

Dakota-Female beta



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