Why are you so adorable

When Ella is carried out of her class on the last day of school bridal style by Liam from One Direction she freaked out. Its the last day of school she planed to lie low with her friends but its rather difficult when everyone you know is screaming 'YOU LUCKY B****' at you while your being rushed through the halls in the arms of Liam Payne. Shes in a limo but her friends Hazel and Lara are in there too. What happens next?


8. whoa

     Zayns P.O.V 

  I was walking into the kitchen at 4:30 in the morning because I could not sleep. I got a cigarette out and went to the porch. I squinted in the dark to see a figure in the hammock. I walked over to see Ella laying there with her iPod  playing.. I tapped her shoulder and startled her and she fell to the grass with a thud.           

"OMG! I am sooo sorry I didn't want to scare you!" I said helping her up.

  "Haha, It's it's okay I just did not expect anyone to be up this early"she said. God her morning voice is beau- WAIT!NO I DON'T LIKE HER! Just because the way she laughs,smells,smiles,looks is perfect does not mean I like her. She has the sweetest personality though,YOU DON'T LIKE HER! Oh who am I kidding I like her. While I was debating she was asking me something.   

"What? I'm sorry I didn't catch that love." I asked blushing 

"I was asking what are you doing out here at 4:30AM?"She asked

 "I could ask you the same thing?"I said

  "I asked you first silly."she said playfully punching my arm.

  "Oh I just couldn't sleep. Now your turn" I said playfully punching her arm back.

  "I needed to think about what I am going to do with my life, everyone said I should try out for X Factor but I don't think I'm really good at singing also I'm shy." She said

  "You,shy?HAHA funny maybe you could be a comedian?"I said teasing her

"I'm serious Zayn what if I'm not good enough or get booed off the stage before I even finish the first verse?"She said worried

"Sing to me and I wont judge just tell you where you need improvement"I said encouragingly.

 " Okay I will sing 'Jane Doe' by NeverShoutNever."She said

"Jane Doe I don't even know you but I know fo'sh that you are beautiful so baby let me know your name, damn whats her name,'cause I'm overly attracted and terribly convinced that she could be my princess and I could be  her prince..."She sang beautifull.

  When she finished she looked at me, Blushed, then looked down.

  "I know,I know, horrible absolutely terrible!"She said.

  I lifted her head up to look her in the eye. I meant to compliment her but instead leaned in and kissed her.She looked shocked then she kissed back. I didn't feel sparks,I din't feel fireworks,I felt like I was being electrocuted while being bombed, that's how good it felt. When we separated we stared into each others eyes and then she did something I din't expect... she leaned in for a second kiss! Que the singing angels..HALEULIA HALEULIA! We kissed again for a long time. Then we separated and she got up went over to the hammock and laid down to sleep. I got up forgetting about the cigarette, and got into the hammock and pulled her close to me.The silence was not award but comforting. Then we heard a snap and the hammock broke sending us to a painful fall. 

"Now you see what I felt,It's all your fault fatty"She said poking my stomach playfully

  "This is muscle you are the fatty"I said poking her stomach.

 She was giggling really loud so Louis came out.

  "Could you  plea-OHH I see you guys are having a moment at 5:45 in the MORNING now I'm awake so your moment is being ruined like you guys ruined my sleep so move over!"He said before laying in between us. What is wrong with him he has a girlfriend!

Louis's P.O.V.

  OMG HOW MUCH LOUDER CAN  ELLA BE WHAT IS SHE LAUGHING AT AT 5:40 IN THE MORNING!?!?!?!!! Well I have to go shut her up!

 "Could you plea- OHH I see you guys are having a moment at 5;45 in the MORNING now I'm awake so your moment is being ruined like you ruined my sleep so move over!"I said before laying down in between them. I am only doing this because I want Niall to get her. He crazy about her.

  "LOUIS WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT 6AM IN THE MORNING!?!?"Harry asked before stoming towards us.


  "WHY WERE YOU GUYS UP SO EARLY!?!"Harry yelled


  "ELLA WHY WERE YOU OUT HERE"We all yelled at her

   "First stop yelling you guys will wake up all of London! Second I was thinkin-"She said before being cut off by Harry.

  "Did you kiss Zayn?"He asked

  "No we didn't kiss Haz were just very good friends enjoying each others company she is like my sister and I would never kiss my sis."Zayn responded for her

  "Is this true Ella?"Harry interrogated.

  "Yes daddy it is"She said sarcastically.

  "Okay honey since I'm awake I shall sit with you guys"Haz said

  "Gezz you guys are loud I need my sleep I'm a growing boy!"Niall said at the doorway rubbing his eyes

  "Yeah what was the ruckus?"Liam asked coming from behind Niall

  "First Niall I'm sorry but you won't grow anymore"I said

 He hung his head down and faked cried before coming over to sit.

  "And second we had been woken up because Ella was laughing at somthing Zayn said at 4:30 in the morning because he was trying to get Ella to laught"I lied. What happened between Zayn and Ella should stay in between me, Ella, and Zayn.

SORRY. I have not updated in a while for school reasons and writers block.UGH anyways I will try to update every Friday and Tuesday! 


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