Why are you so adorable

When Ella is carried out of her class on the last day of school bridal style by Liam from One Direction she freaked out. Its the last day of school she planed to lie low with her friends but its rather difficult when everyone you know is screaming 'YOU LUCKY B****' at you while your being rushed through the halls in the arms of Liam Payne. Shes in a limo but her friends Hazel and Lara are in there too. What happens next?


6. Who do I love more?

                   Ella's P.O.V.


       "Hey Ella do you want to watch a movie with us?"Louis asked. He is the only one that I can talk to.

   "Nah I think I might hang out in my room"I responded walking up the stairs to my room

  "Okay well good night!"He responded walking away

    Good he didn't suspect anything. I'm actually going to climb out my window to my tree to think this 'boy problem' over.I grabbed my backpack ,a sharpie marker, and pics of Liam,Zayn,Niall, and Harry and climbed out.I'm going to the tree because it's kinda hard concentrating when the guys are laughing their asses off.  So which boys do I have the most in common with...Liam because he is responsible...Niall because he is always hungry...and lastly.......Harry because he enjoys to act stupid sometimes. Okay Zayn I'm sorry but you get your pic crossed off. Now who have I had close encounters with...hmm I have to go back to that one. OH SHIT IT'S ALMOST ONE IN THE MORNING!!! Got to get back I thought as I ran.I climbed to the window and entered I heard someone calling my name. I better hide this I thought while throwing it into my bathroom.

   "Was someone calli-"I said before tripping on Zayn and crashing my lips onto Nialls making him drop his bag of crisps.

  "I'm sooo sorry, and why were you on the floor Zayn?"

  "I was looking for my I.D. but now I found it so bye" He said running out of the room at top speed

  "I'm really sorry about kissing you and I should probably get up so we can clean up the crisps" I said putting my hand on his chest to get up. I felt his abs and I melted .

 "It's okay but you did spill my food so punishment is tickling!!!" He said whiel throwing me off getting on top and tickling me to death.

   "St- stop i - it hurts"I stutter as he continued

   "Okay your off the hook but next time I won't be so easy "he said. we looked into each others eyes and I wanted to kiss him so bad but instead I started to tickle him so he could get off.

   We cleaned up the crisps and went to bed(each in our own bedrooms).

                                                 4 A.M.

    Man I'm thirst! "I'll just go get some water" I thought. I was walking half asleep till I bumped into someone causing me to spill my drink. I fell to the floor with ...Harry on top of me.

  "Sorry love just came to get a drink didn't expect anyone to be up" He said but I was already asleep

   He carried me to my room and put me in my bed.

    "Sweet dreams"He said. They he kissed my forehead.

                Nialls P.O.V.

   God ..that kiss..well that accidental kiss...was... AMAZING!! I don't want to make a move yet. We just met her.But I don't want to wait too long or Harry or Liam might get her. I am up really early because I couldn't sleep.

"Hey Ella I din't expect anyone up so early"I asked. She was already dressed and looked hot.

   "I'm just an early riser...do you want to go to the beach?"She asked. She has a sexy morning voice.

   "Sure lets get changed pack some food leave a note then go"I said writing the note while she made sandwiches. 

    We got there and laid the blankets. No one was there so we had the whole beach to ourselves.

  "Want to play Frisbee?"I asked while she took her shorts and shirt off..very distracting

   "Sure toss it!"she responded

  We played for a while then went to swim. It was fun then we went to eat.I pulled my sandwich out and she bit it.

   "You just bit my sandwich!" I said getting up and chasing her.

  I chased her and finally caught her by the waist. We looked into each others eyes.I was about to lean in but my phone rang.I let her go and ran to the blanket.

  "Yeah Liam"I asked a little annoyed

  "Where are you guys?!?!"He asked?yelled

   "At the beach didn't you read the note?"I asked

  "Oh well have fun with Ella "He said annoyed.I'm guessing he likes her too   

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