Why are you so adorable

When Ella is carried out of her class on the last day of school bridal style by Liam from One Direction she freaked out. Its the last day of school she planed to lie low with her friends but its rather difficult when everyone you know is screaming 'YOU LUCKY B****' at you while your being rushed through the halls in the arms of Liam Payne. Shes in a limo but her friends Hazel and Lara are in there too. What happens next?


5. Multiple experiences on the same ride

Harrys P.O.V.

    The ride started and all I thought of was Ella. So I made my move I pulled her by the waist towards. I could see her blush. Them she got burning hot like she was embarrassed. The ride ended and she go on with Lou. I knew he wouldn't do anything since he has Eleanor. 

     "Did you guy's do anything in their?" Zayn asked with a worried look on his.

    "No we didn't" I resopned.

   I saw all of their faces loosen up. Looks like I have competition. Well boys let the games begin.May the best man win!

   Louis's P.O.V.

    The ride started and it was actually really fun. It wasn't awkward because we were friends' nothing more. I especially enjoyed it because she was extremely funny so she told jokes to pass the time. By the time we got to the boarding dock we were laughing like retards. The boys just looked at us like we were mental or something. I sensed a pang of jealousy go through the boys. Oh god there all falling for her. This is going to end in three heart breaks and crying and it is not gonna be pretty.

    Zayns P.O.V. 

    "My turn" I yelled before Niall of Liam could speak

   We got settled into the seats and the ride started.A few times something would pop out and I would get frightened. She wouldn't because she has been on it three times. Once by accident I held her hand. She blushed and I let go. GOD!!! I'm so stupid I had my chance and blew it! Well too late the ride is over. NOW IT'S NIALLS TURN' UGH GREAT!!!(note the sarcasm).

    Nialls P.O.V.

   Finally my turn. I sat down close to Ella but not too close so she was squished. It started and a few times things would pop out I would grab her hand. The being stupid me I would let go.Why can't I find someone to like without having to compete with my friends. Well all the chances to hold her hand were gone because now were docking. Now lets see if Liam can succeed where we have failed  :( 

   Liams P.O.V. 

 Oh god I'm the only one left to ride with her. What if I fart or something? What if she farts? Oh crap it's starting. I got so scared that I held her hand. I was going to let go but she held it back. Does this mean she likes me? Wait she let go. NOOOOO




















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