Why are you so adorable

When Ella is carried out of her class on the last day of school bridal style by Liam from One Direction she freaked out. Its the last day of school she planed to lie low with her friends but its rather difficult when everyone you know is screaming 'YOU LUCKY B****' at you while your being rushed through the halls in the arms of Liam Payne. Shes in a limo but her friends Hazel and Lara are in there too. What happens next?


7. Liam,Niall,Harry or none of them

        Ella's P.O.V.

     So who will it be Ella Liam,Niall,Or Harry?Well I don't have to date any of them. But I don't want to play them. Well time to go back to the questions. Who have I had close encounters with? Well that means Harry is off the list. Okay Ella now all that's left is Niall and Liam. I will come back to that. I know I will just hang out with both of them then choose. I'M A GENIUS!!! 

   "Why are you a genius?" I heard someone ask

    I quickly put the stuff away and sat on my bed. Niall entered with food in his mouth.

  "I'm a genus because....I just am?" I said nervously

   "Okay"he responded and left

   I ran down the stairs to where Liam was.

    "Are you doing anything?"I asked sounding excited

  "No,why did you want to anything?"

   "Actually yes want to go ice skating?"

   "Sure lets tell the others and we can go"

    We got to the arena and it was vacant.Probably because everyone was on vacation.

  "I don't know how to ice skate"Liam said while we put on the skates

  "I can teach you"I said

   I grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the ice.He fell and pulled me down. We were laughing like crazy until the lady at the front desk came and yelled at us because what Liam did was dangerous.

    "Why did you decide to go ice skating with me?"He asked atempting to leave the edge of the rink but failing miserably

   "Well I have been in my room allot recently and I still have not had the chance to get to know you guys so I'm starting with you!" I said 

   I put my hand out to help him up he took it and didn't let go after.

   "Can I hold your hand because if I'm going to embarrass myself again I don't want to be alone"He said

  "Sure anytime Liam" I said

   I kept my word and held his hand the whole time. When we finished he insisted on taking me for Starbucks. I got a smoothie and so did he. We got home and I went to my room. Okay now Nialls turn. I don't know if Niall can beat today with Liam though, can he? Well I guess I will find out tomorrow! 

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