Life Changer

An 11 year old girl, Skylar, has a dad in the Navy. Skylar lived in Florida for 7 years (almost her whole life). Skylar has been very insecure about herself and feels beautiful because she found a boy who is worth keeping and finally has a boyfriend.
But then, Skylar soon finds out something she doesn't know if she wants to happen or not. But, Skylar really doesn't have a choice.


4. Walmart

So, about 5 days later, it was January 24th. We had to go to Walmart to buy some things. I was bored so I decided to text Ricky. He and I had sort of a song that we both loved. Drive By, by Train. I had it stuck in my head so I texted Ricky the first verse (lame, I know).

Me: I swear to ya, I'll be there for ya, this is not a Drive By-i-i-i-i.

Ricky: Skylar, will you be my girlfriend?

I was in complete shock. I was standing there for about a minute until my mom called for me.

"Skylar! Are you coming?" "Huh? Oh yeah."

I ran after my mom while my dad went to go find something. So, it was just me, my mom, and my twin brother.

I just kept staring at the text, I didn't know what to say to my mom. I finally got the nerve to show her.

"Uh, Mom?" "Yes?" I showed her my phone. She just stared at my phone, then to me. Then she started smiling. I felt so embarrassed. "Well what are you going to tell him?" She asked me. "I don't know. That's why I showed you." "Just say 'sure'." "But mom, that's like saying 'I don't care' Ya know?" "Okay, whatever."

I finally settled on "Okay :)"

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