Life Changer

An 11 year old girl, Skylar, has a dad in the Navy. Skylar lived in Florida for 7 years (almost her whole life). Skylar has been very insecure about herself and feels beautiful because she found a boy who is worth keeping and finally has a boyfriend.
But then, Skylar soon finds out something she doesn't know if she wants to happen or not. But, Skylar really doesn't have a choice.


5. Valentine's Day

I skipped forward a little bit. I was getting tired of that boring little thing so I'm skipping to Valentine's Day.

I was sitting on the couch watching tv and texting my boyfriend of 1 month.

Ricky: Hey

Me: Hello c:

Ricky: What are you doing?

Me: Watching tv. You?

Ricky: Nothing much.

Me: c:

Ricky: Will you be my Valentine this year?

Me: Sure :)

So, we went out and bought him a present, an Under Armour sweatshirt.

His mom, him, and his little brother, Brandon, were going to meet us (My mom, me, and my twin brother) at the movies on the day after Valentine's Day.

I walked in to find them standing in line at the concession. I guess they were searching for us because they saw me right away. Ricky and Brandon were waving at me. I waited for my mom and brother to come with the tickets so the ticket guy let us in and we walked over to them.


Ricky's Mom: How about you guys open up presents?

My Mom: Yeah. 

Ricky and I: Okay

I gave Ricky's his first.

He opened it up and pulled out the sweatshirt. He stood up and put it on.

"Thanks! I love it! It cozy." Ricky said with a smile.

"Your welcome." I replied.

"Your turn." He said as he handed me my present and sat back down next to me.

I opened it up to find a little box that was very noisy. I opened up the box to find a bracelet with about 5 charms laying there with it.

"Thanks!" I said as I payed close attention to each one as I flipped them over and over in my hand.

"They each mean something." He told me.

He explained to me what each one meant. The microphone was because he attended one of my choir concerts. The s'more was because we roasted marshmellows when my brother and I slept over their house. There were 2 more I can't remember but the last one was my favorite.

"And this one, he explained, is because we are boyfriend and girlfriend." He said as I started to smile like a lunatic. The charm was a heart. A rainbow heart to be exact.

"Thanks again. I love it." I said as my mom helped me put the small charms on the bracelet.

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