Life Changer

An 11 year old girl, Skylar, has a dad in the Navy. Skylar lived in Florida for 7 years (almost her whole life). Skylar has been very insecure about herself and feels beautiful because she found a boy who is worth keeping and finally has a boyfriend.
But then, Skylar soon finds out something she doesn't know if she wants to happen or not. But, Skylar really doesn't have a choice.


6. June

So, now it is June. This is my last day here in Florida. The last day I spend in Florida is sleeping over my boyfriend's house one more time. I am crying as I write this. Did I even tell you guys? I'm moving. Tomorrow. I move to Ohio tomorrow. The whole day was a blast. We played a Simpson's board game. We played outside. Ricky and I played Frisbee outside while my brother played football with some of Ricky's neighborhood friends. Ricky's dad showed us his collection of Coca- Cola bottles he had. Ricky's dad also taught Brandon and my brother how to play poker while Ricky taught me how to play an X-box game of his. Our brothers and Ricky's dad were still playing poker so Ricky and I went in Brandon's room. We layed on his bed while we looked at his yearbook. He showed me some of his past girlfriends and told me about some of his crazy friends.

We both got bored so we waled out to see what our brothers and his dad were doing. Still playing poker. We walked over to them and Ricky's dad goes, "What were you guys doing? I think I heard some kissing." he said with a wink while he made kissing noises. I started blushing even though we are still too young to even start kissing. I sometimes have dreams about Ricky and I kissing, but I'm not going to dive into a whole new story. God, I hope Ricky isn't reading this right now.

The next morning I aced riding this Pocket-Rod they had which was like a mini motorcycle. It is so much fun! We also blew up water balloons and had a water balloon fight in their backyard. After the water balloon fight we all just sat in the hammock. Then, we all went inside and had lunch (pizza) and just talked.

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