Life Changer

An 11 year old girl, Skylar, has a dad in the Navy. Skylar lived in Florida for 7 years (almost her whole life). Skylar has been very insecure about herself and feels beautiful because she found a boy who is worth keeping and finally has a boyfriend.
But then, Skylar soon finds out something she doesn't know if she wants to happen or not. But, Skylar really doesn't have a choice.


7. Going back home

My parents came a little later and we went back home. Ricky's family was coming over the next day to say their final goodbyes.

When we got home, it didn't even look like our house anymore. I just sat on the couch and started balling. I didn't know what to do. I eventually got tired so my brother and I played hide-and-go seek. Then, my friend came over to say goodbye. We played hide-and-seek with her for about half an hour and got bored. Then she and I just played on our phones and took pictures. They stayed for about an hour. We said goodbye.

The hardest part of all though, was when my unexpected Best Friend for Life, Rachel, came over. I have known her since kindergarten. We have been through almost everything together. She stayed past midnight, and it was about 9:30 to 10:00 when they came over. I miss her so much. When it was time for them to go, we both started balling. We hugged for a few minutes. The last time I ever saw her in person was then. The last thing we said was "Ba-bam." It was the end of our handshake we made up in kindergarten.

It was very emotional.

I am going to start balling as I write this. I can't write anymore tonight. This makes me just die a little inside as I write this. I'm going to write more later. Or tomorrow. I can't. I can't even.

Goodnight. And with this sentence, I log off.

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