Life Changer

An 11 year old girl, Skylar, has a dad in the Navy. Skylar lived in Florida for 7 years (almost her whole life). Skylar has been very insecure about herself and feels beautiful because she found a boy who is worth keeping and finally has a boyfriend.
But then, Skylar soon finds out something she doesn't know if she wants to happen or not. But, Skylar really doesn't have a choice.


1. Intro.

Hey guys! I'm Skylar Ferow. I'm here to tell you my story. I just want you to promise not to tell anyone. This is our little secret, okay? I trust you. If you go on to read the book, that means you are promising me to keep my secret. It's okay if you tell your best friend, I have one of my own. Okay, well I better start. There is a long way to go. 


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