Lily Potter and The Hunger Games?

Harry Potter's daughter Lily is at hogwarts for her 6th year in Gryffindor. While there she falls for Scorpious Malfoy. Will thier parents accept their love? When at Hogwarts Lily and all of the other students are going to be testing something called the hunger games. Will any of them survive or will the man named Snow get them dead? Find out in this crossover.


9. Scorpious- Who's your Mentor?

I woke up and got into the clothes they left in my room. When I got into the dining hall the only thing there was a cat on one of the chairs. It came to me and walked around purring. "Wonder where you came from." I said. I sat on a chair and the cat got on my lap. Then one second later it was Lily not a cat. "Hey Scorp." she said. "Hey." I replied. I didn't know that Lily was animangi. She looked at the muggle food and shook her head. "I hate all of this." she said. "I know." I replied. As she took some of the food put it on her plate she dropped her goblet and it broke. "Shit." she said. She got out her wand and said, "Repairo." Then her goblet went back how it was before as if it never happened.

  "Who is your mentor?" she asked me. "Your dad." I replied. She looked at me. "Are you serious?" she asked. "Yeah." I said. "Nice both my parents are here then." she said.

I looked at her then realized it was her mother who was her mother. It sucked for her.
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