Lily Potter and The Hunger Games?

Harry Potter's daughter Lily is at hogwarts for her 6th year in Gryffindor. While there she falls for Scorpious Malfoy. Will thier parents accept their love? When at Hogwarts Lily and all of the other students are going to be testing something called the hunger games. Will any of them survive or will the man named Snow get them dead? Find out in this crossover.


4. Lily- McGongall's Annoncement

I went to the great hall for the Halloween feast and at the staff table there was a man with a white beard. He reminded me of president Snow from the hunger games movie and book. I sat down by Alice, Rosie and Roxanne at our table. "I have a announcement. But first let us have our feast." Headmistress McGongall said. "I wonder what her announcement is." Alice said. "I'm not sure. Maybe it's the triwizard tournament again." I said.

After we ate headmistress McGongall stood up again and started to speak, "My students I would like you to meet Mr. Snow from Panem. He wants you to be the first ones to try something he calls the Hunger Games. He will explain it to you later but you have to at least be in your 2nd year" she finished. I went pale. "Guys do not try to enter or you will get killed no matter what." I said to everyone at our table. Rosie nodded so did everyone else because I've told everyone about the book. "Our school needs at least two boys and girls to enter. We will choose by a reaping if you get picked then you have to do it or some one can volunteer for you." Snow spoke. It didn't matter if we entered or not we will have to go in.
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