Lily Potter and The Hunger Games?

Harry Potter's daughter Lily is at hogwarts for her 6th year in Gryffindor. While there she falls for Scorpious Malfoy. Will thier parents accept their love? When at Hogwarts Lily and all of the other students are going to be testing something called the hunger games. Will any of them survive or will the man named Snow get them dead? Find out in this crossover.


19. Lily- Is it finally over

I didn't want to do it. I didn't want to kill Kendra. But I had too. 

I grabbed the knife. She was right in front of me. I was about to do it when I fell. 

"Lily!" I heard. I wanted to turn my head to see him. But I couldn't. 

The person who picked me up was Albus. 

"Albus. Get Katniss, Peeta, and Scorpious before me. Please save them first." I said. 

He handed me to James and got Katniss. I saw McGonagall grab Scorpious. But where was Peeta? I didn't know because I passed out. 

                        *                       *                       *

I woke up in the hospital wing. 

"Katniss? Scorpious? Albus? Anyone?" I said. 

My uncle George sat by my bed.

"Hey Lily." He said.

"Uncle George what happened?" I asked. 

"Well. We got most of them." He replied. 

"What? I told you to get them first." 

"I know. We almost got them. But the Capitol planes got them faster."

"Who'd you get?" I asked. 

"Katniss, Scorpious, Kendra, and Finnick." 

"So they have Johanna and Peeta." I said to myself. 

"It's sad because, Katniss' district was bombed." George whispered. 

I looked at Katniss. First she loses Peeta. Now her district. 

"We need to get everyone from district 12 here. Please do anything to get them here. Broom, apparate, grandpa Weasley's car. Just get them here. They need help." I pleaded. 

"We'll do what we can Lily." He said. 



Holas. I'm making a second one. It'll be the last one though. :'( Lily and Scorpious will be helping the other districts get Peeta and take down Snow. That's pretty much it. Bye

- Primrose Buttercup Mel

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