Lily Potter and The Hunger Games?

Harry Potter's daughter Lily is at hogwarts for her 6th year in Gryffindor. While there she falls for Scorpious Malfoy. Will thier parents accept their love? When at Hogwarts Lily and all of the other students are going to be testing something called the hunger games. Will any of them survive or will the man named Snow get them dead? Find out in this crossover.


16. A/N

Hey guys. I know I haven't written in a long time. Sorry. But I am having a competition. If your interested keep reading. I want you guys to make a trailer on YouTube for my Movella. Whoever makes the best one will get to give me a couple characters for this story. And I'll make your Trailer the official one for The Movella. 

There is a rule. 

1. You have to put video clips no pictures!

So just put the link in a comment below. 

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