Teleported away

The 74th Hunger Games are about to begin, but Valkyrie doesn't know that yet. Only that Fletcher has teleported her somewhere very odd.
(Mix of Hunger Games and childhood favorite Skulduggery Pleasant. Set while Valkyrie and Fletcher are still together.)


3. They receive some alarming news

The men that looked like Cleavers marched on either side of them, while Valkyrie and Fletcher followed the flower man, bewildered as to what he wanted.

"Who are you? Where is Robe and Pazer?" Valkyrie turned to see one of the women looking at her, speaking in a hushed tone. 

She looked at Fletcher, who shrugged at her. "Who?" she mouthed. 

The other woman replied, her heels clicking on the polished floor as they walked down the seemingly endless corridor. "The tributes, from District 8. They went in the elevator, then you came out. Who are you and what have you done with them?"

This couldn't be anywhere near Dublin, clearly. No Irish accents, plus there was no District 8 near there. Maybe it was some kind of town. What a tribute was, she had no idea. Fletcher replied, while she mulled over what was happening. "I'm sorry, but where is this? Is this District 8? What's a tribute? And we just sort of, appeared in the elevator." Valkyrie flashed a warning look at him. "Um, we don't know why. It was empty, no-one was in there. Oh, and I'm Fletcher, this is Valkyrie." 

Valkyrie did her best to smile, though it was probably more of a grimace. The women looked at each other, clearly as confused as Valkyrie and Fletcher. "You're in the Capitol," one of them said.

"Don't you mean Capital?" Valkyrie replied.

"No, Capitol. It's the 74th Hunger Games, Robe and Pazer are competing for District 8. They're about to go in now, that's where Tema is taking us now," she gestured to the flower man, who walked obliviously in front. "He's too drunk to notice to difference between you, but we need them to compete. It's that or you two will."

"The what?" Fletcher began to ask, but Tema turned round, proclaiming his next words. "Right, here we are! You've got to go now, but good luck in the arena." They'd reached a wall, with two tubes in front. They were large and see-through, probably made of glass. "I love you both," he slurred, reaching forwards to hug them. Valkyrie stepped back, a disgusted expression on her face.

Tema fell to the floor, the Cleavers reaching down to help him up. Valkyrie looked around for escape, but there was nothing. Cleaver-people surrounded them, there was no way to get out, except for the tube. The Cleavers began to hustle them in, each standing on a small pad.

The two women looked helplessly at them, while Valkyrie stared at Fletcher, willing him to think of something. But the pads began to move up, quicker and quicker. Valkyrie banged on the glass, trying to get out, to escape this strange place. If only Fletcher would teleport.

Before the basement disappeared, she heard one of the women shout something up to her.

"You've got to win! Kill everyone else and win!"

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