Teleported away

The 74th Hunger Games are about to begin, but Valkyrie doesn't know that yet. Only that Fletcher has teleported her somewhere very odd.
(Mix of Hunger Games and childhood favorite Skulduggery Pleasant. Set while Valkyrie and Fletcher are still together.)


5. Their situation becomes clearer

Fletcher's voice wafted through the trees, as he trudged into the clearing. "I brought more sticks." He dropped the in a pile next to the small fire Valkyrie had gotten going. "What next?"

Valkyrie blew into the glowing embers, trying to get the flames started again. The small ball had contained matches and a canteen full of water, though she had no idea why they needed it, with the lake nearby. "I don't know! Find someone with magic? Get them to help us get back?"

"I'm no-" There was a crunch from behind Valkyrie. She jumped up, grabbing the staff and aiming it towards the trees. She couldn't afford to take any chances.

"Who is it? Who's there?" She shouted out, seeing a shape move in the darkness.

A girl emerged with her hands in the air. She was about 14, brown hair cut short and a dagger at her belt. "Please don't hurt me. I just want to share the fire." Valkyrie looked at Fletcher, who shrugged. She put the staff down, gesturing for the girl to come over. "I'm Avanna," she said, sitting down next to it and rubbing her hands together.

"Valkyrie and Fletcher," Valkyrie replied, sitting down next to her. 

"Weird names," Avanna commented. Yeah, like hers wasn't any weirder.

Avanna looked tired. Her face was grey, rings under her eyes. Her breath came in short pants and she had a small rip in her trouser leg, from which blood was quickly leaking. Wordlessly Fletcher leaned over and began to wipe away the blood with a leaf. Valkyrie pursed her lips, a little jealous.

But then she realised that Avanna must know something about these 'Hunger Games'. "Listen, Avanna. What exactly are the Hunger Games?"

Avanna snorted, thinking it was a joke. But when Valkyrie's face remained serious, her mouth dropped in shock. "Did the Tracker Jackers get you or something? You seriously don't know where you are?"

Fletcher smiled weakly. "Nope."

"Please, just tell us everything."


"Wait. You seriously have to be the last one left standing, or die?" Fletcher asked. Valkyrie was doubled over in the bushes, vomiting.

"Yeah," Avanna replied sadly.

"But why?"

"Well, in the upr-"

"Sorry, stupid question." Valkyrie staggered back over, pulling Fletcher to his feet. "He does that a lot."

Avanna shrugged, sneaking a look at Fletcher. "He seems okay." Valkyrie tightened her grip on Fletcher's arm. "Hey, do you guys want to start an alliance?"

Fletcher started to reply. "That sounds g-" 

They all jumped as footsteps crunched a distance away, distant laughing and chatting coming closer. "The careers," Avanna breathed.

"We've got to get out of here, Val!" Fletcher whispered. She quickly picked up her staff and matches, while Fletcher put his knife in his pocket. "Avanna, are you coming?"

She breathed out through her nose, considering the offer. "I'm going to stay. They probably haven't seen us. I need the fire, or I'll freeze." Was she crazy? From what they'd told her, they would kill her.

"Are you sure? That's suicide!" The laughs were getting closer, the footsteps louder.

"Yes. It'll be fine, I'm sure." It looked more like she was trying to convince herself.

Valkyrie found herself in an awkward silence. Not wanting to say goodbye, but needing to leave. "Well, um. Thank for all the help and everything. I hope-" She didn't want to say she hoped that she would survive. "I hope you win."

"You too. I hope you guys find your way back to Dublin, or wherever you came from," she replied solemnly.

"Bye," Fletcher mumbled. Valkyrie managed a quick wave, before grabbing Fletcher's hand and turning around, sprinting away from the campfire and Avanna. In the corner of her eye, she spotted movement up a tree. As if someone was up there, watching her. Valkyrie shook her head. She'd probably been made paranoid by the tales of cannibalism and murder.

Behind her the footsteps abruptly stopped, then their was a short shriek. Then the screaming started. There was no mistaking it, it was Avanna's voice. "Val, we've got to go back!" Fletcher wrenched on her arm, pulling her to a stop. "They've got Avanna!"

"She's dead by now," Valkyrie replied coldly. Sure enough, the screaming faded to an abrupt halt.

"What? They can't have. They can't," Fletcher choked.

"We've got to keep going."

And so they ran, ran into the darkness. The girl and the boy, hand in hand.

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