Teleported away

The 74th Hunger Games are about to begin, but Valkyrie doesn't know that yet. Only that Fletcher has teleported her somewhere very odd.
(Mix of Hunger Games and childhood favorite Skulduggery Pleasant. Set while Valkyrie and Fletcher are still together.)


8. Oversized wasps

Valkyrie spun round, grabbing Fletcher's arm and pulling him to a stop. They'd only been walking for a few minutes, but she'd been getting more and more paranoid, jumping at every step. "I heard something. It was like, buzzing."

Fletcher stayed silent for a moment, then laughed. "Come on Val, there's nothing there. Let's keep going."

Valkyrie could still hear it. A faint buzzing from behind them, almost like bees. "No, I swear, I can hear it. Listen."

Fletcher listened again. "Seriously. You're tired or something. Nothing's buzzing."

"I guess you're right," Valkyrie sighed. "Give me some water." Fletcher reached into his pocket, about to pull out their flask, but something broke through the air. A scream. A high-pitched shriek, sending birds flying into the trees and Valkyrie and Fletcher into a run towards its source. Back to where they'd come from.

The buzzing was loud now, even Fletcher could hear it. Like bees or wasps, vibrating through their eardrums, getting louder with every stride they took. In a matter of seconds they had reached the career's camp, and was met with a scene of destruction.

A writhing body lay on the floor, blonde hair shaking under a coating of vibrating blackness, shrieks coming from the unseen mouth. Glimmer.

Valkyrie choked, as she realised the blackness were hornets. Giant hornets. She looked up into the tree and realised that the girl was gone, while a hive of sorts lay underneath the branch she'd slept on. She smiled, realising what the sawing sound had been. Then threw up as Glimmer screamed once more.

The Katniss girl stumbled back around the corner, holding onto trees for support and several huge lumps sticking out on her arms. Why had she come back, was she stupid? She could have escaped! Valkyrie realised the careers had gone and whirled round, searching for them as Fletcher ran forward to help Katniss.

"Bow," she muttered, moving towards Glimmer. Fletcher pulled her away but she wrenched her arm out of his grip, reaching towards Glimmer's body. Attempting not to look, Valkyrie crawled over, realising what Katniss wanted. The bow and arrows that Glimmer was clutching.

Katniss was fumbling for it, but the hornets crawled onto her arms, causing her to jerk as they stung her. She'd never get it along. Squeezing her eyes tight shut, Valkyrie reached into Glimmer's cold arms and prised the bow and arrows free, handing them to Katniss.

"The bubbles," she whispered, reaching towards imaginary things. There must be some kind of toxin in the sting. Footsteps emerged round the corner and Valkyrie grabbed her staff, ready to fight Cato. But Peeta emerged round the corner, panting as he ran towards Katniss. Valkyrie stood in front of her, shielding her from the psychopath, who'd dreamed about killing her.

But Peeta just screamed, "Go! Run! Get out of here!" Valkyrie grabbed Katniss's arm, preparing to tug her to safety. She felt strangely responsible for the girl who had been trapped in the tree, but survived against the odds. But her arm was not there. She looked behind her, and realised that Katniss was gone. She'd run. Peeta shoved at her, still screaming at her to go. 

Fletcher pulled her along, though Valkyrie stared behind at Peeta, as a blonde figure emerged behind him They disappeared into the trees, but Valkyrie shoved him to a stop. "We've got to go back! Cato was there!" 

"Val, we ca-"

She shoved him to the ground and ran back into the clearing, ignoring Glimmer's lifeless body on the ground and throwing her staff desperately at the figure disappearing into the trees. Through her anger and frustration, she missed by feet. She let it land in the leaves, running over to the collapsed figure on the ground. A few hornets crawled onto her hands, but she brushed them off, only thinking of the huge gash carved into Peeta's thigh.

Valkyrie grabbed one of his arms, dragging him towards Fletcher. He was heavy, but she could manage it. Adrenaline pumped through her at the thought of one of the other Careers appearing. She had no weapon, no Fletcher and an injured Peeta dragging her down. 

Something pricked her arm sharply, then dug in. She screeched as the needle dug into her elbow, piercing veins and going straight through muscle. It began to throb, pain spreading through her arm, almost immobilizing it.

A canary flew towards her, slowly getting bigger, until it grew into a dragon. She collapsed next to Peeta as she fell into a nest of purple snakes.

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