Teleported away

The 74th Hunger Games are about to begin, but Valkyrie doesn't know that yet. Only that Fletcher has teleported her somewhere very odd.
(Mix of Hunger Games and childhood favorite Skulduggery Pleasant. Set while Valkyrie and Fletcher are still together.)


6. An eventful night

Fletcher's voice was cracked as he called out. "Nothing?"

"Nope," Valkyrie replied, her throat sore and dry, her mouth calling out for water.

Fletcher stood up, wobbling a little as he did. "Maybe we can find some. If we keep looking, we'll find some. A river, a lake, an ocean."

"Fletcher, you're delirious. Shut up. It's getting dark, and we don't want those 'careers' to find us. Let's sleep, then look again in the morning." 

"But it's near. I know it. I can feel it." Valkyrie walked over and slapped him, the crack echoing loudly, as he tumbled into the bush behind him.

"Fletcher, you're being crazy. Let's sleep, we'll find something in the morning." She lay down next to him, trying to cover them as best they could with the bracken around them. "If we don't freeze," she muttered to herself.

Fletcher closed his eyes, willingly leaning into her. "Night, Mum," he whispered. Valkyrie pressed her lips softly to his forehead, before closing her eyes.


Valkyrie moved her leg a little, trying to move some of the foliage off her. It was too hot. Much too hot. She pushed Fletcher away, but hot air still blew over her face. Hot air? She opened her eyes and was met with a world of orange. Orange. Flickering, moving, crackling. Ever closer.


"Fletcher! Fletcher!" Valkyrie shouted, frantically shaking him. Her voice was low and scratchy, but it did the job. Fletcher blinked a few times, mumbling and stretching, then looked at Valkyrie.

"Wassup?" He groaned, pulling himself up. Then turned. And saw the fire.

Valkyrie grabbed the staff, which she had tied the flask and matches to with twigs. Fletcher grabbed his knife then stood up, pulling her to her feet. They ran ahead, jumping over flaming logs and dodging burning trees. 

Valkyrie coughed violently as they ran, trying to rid the putrid smoke from her lungs. It was boiling, she could feel her skin blistering, her face shiny with sweat. She would stop and fan herself, but there was no time. The fire was moving ever-closer.

Something ran straight into them and they both tumbled to the floor, the fire taking advantage of their break, and creeping closer. A girl stood back up, warily staring at them, before continuing to run. Valkyrie ignored her, beginning to pull herself back up.

But something crashed into her head, pushing her back down to the ground. Flames licked at her scalp, spreading from the fallen tree branch. Valkyrie screamed as they touched her face, burning and blistering it, as if her whole face was being doused in acid.

"Val, we need to keep moving!" Valkyrie ignored Fletcher, hitting her head, trying to put out the flames, still screaming, though the sound was drowned out. Fletcher quickly pulled his jacket off, throwing it over her head. Her head hissed, then the flames died. She moaned, falling to the ground. Fletcher thanked his lucky stars that his jacket was denim and not flammable.

Fletcher put an arm under her shoulders, sagging with the weight, but pulling Valkyrie to her feet. He began to run, slowly with her added weight, but the flames were beginning to die. Valkyrie's feet began to move, as she came to her senses. The fire was hot on their heels, his trainer's beginning to melt in the heat. The forest was still sweltering, trees falling, their branches and leaves aflame.

Valkyrie coughed something up as he stumbled on, towards the light at the end of the trees. A deer ran past him, its nimble feet navigating the rough ground much better than his. Who'd have known that there were animals in here?

The fire was beginning to die down, no longer chasing them. The trees burned around them, but the flames were becoming smaller, the temperature dropping and crackling becoming quieter. Valkyrie blinked, her feet dragging, a string of bile dripping down her chin. 

"Fire," she muttered.

The light was getting closer now, a gap at the end of the forest, weak sunlight shining through. Valkyrie slowly began to run alongside him, her feet moving along the ground, though he still had to hold her weight to stop her from falling.

The fire had completely stopped, though blackened trees were all around them and the air was still warm. But fires didn't burn out that quickly, especially in a forest. Fletcher knew that. So why had it stopped?

He burst through the gap in the trees, breathing in the fresh air, Valkyrie still leaning heavily on him. Her hair was singed, half of it burnt off, blisters covering her forehead and scalp. It took all Fletcher's willpower not to grimace.

"Hey, who are you?" Valkyrie looked up at the shout, her head hanging on her neck, her forehead still burning. A small group sat on the other side of the small clearing around a small fire. One of them had stood up and was holding a spear, ready to throw it. It was the blonde boy from the beginning.

There were 4 others. A girl with dirty blonde hair and a boy who looked similar to her. Another girl with black, surrounded by a circle of knives, one of which she was running through her fingers. Then a bulky looking blonde boy, staring at the ground, looking as if he'd rathee be anywhere else but here.

Run, Fletcher. We have to run, or they'll kill us.

Fletcher moved his arm from under Valkyrie's shoulders and she stumbled, before regaining her balance. 

"We'd like to join you," Fletcher panted.

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