Teleported away

The 74th Hunger Games are about to begin, but Valkyrie doesn't know that yet. Only that Fletcher has teleported her somewhere very odd.
(Mix of Hunger Games and childhood favorite Skulduggery Pleasant. Set while Valkyrie and Fletcher are still together.)


2. A strange new place

Valkyrie and Fletcher appeared in a small elevator that was going quickly down, with one wall covered in glowing buttons, the rest of the small room grey and metallic.

"Wrong place Fletcher. Again. I thought you were supposed to be good at this!" Valkyrie accused him, though she wasn't that angry, she knew that he tried his best.

"Sorry! I'm pretty knew to this stuff, it's not on purpose!" he pouted, while running a hand through his hair. "Anyway, how do you know this isn't Athens?"

"We're going to a coffee shop, not an apartment building. Coffee shops don't have elevators, well know fact. C'mon, let's go. Mum and Dad want me back in time for dinner." Valkyrie grabbed his arm, waiting for the rush that accompanied teleporting. But it didn't come. They were still in a dingy elevator, still in an unknown place and still definitely not in Athens.

"Fletcher! This elevator is going to open soon, and we're going to have to get out of here before that happens. Let's go!" She gave him a small shove, beginning to get frustrated. But still they didn't vanish, even though his face appeared strained. He definitely looked like he was trying to teleport.

"I'm trying! It's just not happening! I can't teleport, it's not working." Tendrils of panic invaded Valkyrie's mind, as she realised they could be stuck here a while. When Fletcher was tired, it took a lot more effort for him to teleport. And when he was exhausted, he could end up stuck in places for several hours, until he'd regained his energy.

"Are you tired? Why would you do this if you didn't have enough energy?!" Valkyrie shouted, starting to get angry with him.

Fletcher glared back, not appreciating her anger. "I'm not tired! I actually cannot teleport! It's not my fault, I just can't!"

"You seriously can't?" Valkyrie's voice softened, as she realised that it wasn't his fault.

"No! You try doing magic, maybe it's something to do with that?" Valkyrie clicked her fingers, not really expecting anything to be different, but nothing happened. Her palm remained empty, devoid of the flame that she expected to appear. She tried once again, but still the same results. 

"This is weird. Maybe it's some kind of magic blocker? I'll call Skulduggery, he'll know what to do." She pulled out her phone, thankful that it was in her pocket, then pressed Skulduggery's number, labelled 'Funnybones'. But a small box came up on her screen, telling her that she had no  signal.

"No signal?" Fletcher peered over her shoulder, looking at the phone. 

"No, the useless thing," she put it back in her pocket, though she felt like throwing it to the ground in frustration. "I thought everywhere had signal now!"

He held his hands up in surrender, "And that's my fault?"

"Well you're the one that got us stuck here! We don't know where we are, we can't get out of here, we can't use magic and we can't call Skulduggery. It's a pretty bad situation!" she retorted angrily.

"Stop shouting at me! Let's just get out of here, find someplace with a signal, then call him. Okay?"

"Fine," she pouted a little, as they set about finding a way out of the elevator. There was no signal as to what floor they were on, or how long it would take for the doors to open.

"What do we do now?" Valkyrie started to say, but then the metallic doors slid apart in front of them, revealing a pale white corridor ahead. Three people stood in front of them, completely different. One was a man, with bright green hair and a suit that was covered in flowers, who grinned inanely at them. The other two were women, who looked very similar. They both had dirty blonde hair, with pale skin that looked as if it rarely saw sunlight. They were both well fed, but had a look of hopelessness in their eyes.

Fletcher and Valkyrie attempted to walk past them, thinking that they were waiting for the elevator, but the man pulled them back. "Where are you going? Weren't you guys supposed to change into your clothes?" He had an accent like nothing they'd heard before, not English or Irish, or American or French. His voice was a little dazed and he continued smiling at them, though they stared blankly back. Secretly, Valkyrie thought he could be on drugs.

"Um, we were just, going," Fletcher replied, scrabbling for the right words.

"Come on, we need to get going, or we'll be late!" He spoke pompously, emphasising the last word. He walked ahead, leaving Valkyrie and Fletcher to meekly follow him, next to the two women.

"Right, let's just fall behind," Valkyrie whispered to Fletcher. But as they spoke, guards appeared on either side of them, walking with them, stopping them from escaping. They were dressed in white all-in-ones, with guns at their sides. With no magic, Valkyrie and Fletcher had no choice but to follow.

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