Teleported away

The 74th Hunger Games are about to begin, but Valkyrie doesn't know that yet. Only that Fletcher has teleported her somewhere very odd.
(Mix of Hunger Games and childhood favorite Skulduggery Pleasant. Set while Valkyrie and Fletcher are still together.)


4. A field of knives

Valkyrie looked around, mouth agape. 

She was in a field. As in, a huge field. Lush green grass covered it, while it was surrounded in a circle. To the right was a lake, shimmering in the weak sunlight. In front of her was a huge cornfield, large grasses going far over her head. Who knew what could hide in there. And to the left and behind was a huge forest, evergreens going beyond into the distance. Above was a blue sky, though it shimmered faintly. Maybe it was heat waves.

Strangest of all was what was in the centre. It was like a giant horn, but hollow. It was filled with rucksacks, food and weapons. Why weapons? Arranged in a circle around it were other people. More like kids. They were all standing on plates like her own, around twenty of them. To her left was Fletcher, who mouthed something at her that she couldn't understand.

There was some kind of countdown happening. Valkyrie wasn't sure what for. At the moment it was on ten. She looked around, coming up with a plan. If she just ran into the woods with Fletcher, she could figure something out. A bunch of teenagers and some knives didn't sound like a good combination. She put her foot down, about to step off the plate, when someone caught her eye.

It was a boy, opposite her in the circle. He had blonde hair and narrowed eyes. He nodded at her, smiling down at her foot. But not a helpful smile. The smile of a cat, watching as it pulled its victims to pieces. Valkyrie slowly drew her foot back up. She didn't trust him. For some reason, she knew she had to leave after the countdown had finished.

But look! There was food in the centre! It could keep them going, at least for a while. She looked and Fletcher, nodding at the centre. He shook his head, pointing at the large axes in the horn.

The voice startled her, making her almost jump off the plate. "3, 2, 1. Let the 74th annual Hunger Games begin!" Suddenly everyone was running towards the centre. Except for one boy. He had blonde hair too, and was sprinting towards the forest. She stepped off, exhilarated by the atmosphere. 

Fletcher ran over to her, "What do we do?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe we should just grab some food and-" But her words were cut off by the scream building in her throat. Ahead of her, a young boy ran towards a backpack. But he choked and fell, a knife stuck in his chest. A girl with dark brown hair smiled, twirling a knife between her finger tips, before scooping up his backpack.

They were killing people. Why? Fletcher could see her panicking, and grabbed her arm. "Right, we've got to get out of here. They're all crazy, but we need to get somewhere safe."

Valkyrie took a deep breath. "Right. I'll grab us some weapons, you get some food. In and out, then run to the forest." Fletcher nodded in agreement.

Valkyrie sprinted ahead, straight towards the horn. Something whistled over her head and she ducked, watching the knife hit dirt. She leaped over a body, shutting her eyes tight as she stumbled on the hand. She reached the horn, where people were tussling and fighting, stabbing and throwing, collapsing and rising. There were at least 5 people dead.

She jumped over a shaven-headed black boy, who was crouched on the ground, picking something up. There was an array of knives and axes shelved on the walls, with spears leaning next to them. She spied a staff. That was what she needed. Valkyrie reached out for it, but a hand crossed hers.

"Looking for something?" A soft voice said in her ear, as the cold blade of a knife pressed to her throat. It was the blonde boy, she knew it.

"Go to hell," she muttered, kneeing him backwards in the groin, before smashing his forehead to hers. He stumbled backwards, hand pressed to his head. She grabbed the staff and a knife, running out of the horn. Something whooshed at her legs and she jumped, but it nicked her foot. She could feel blood running into her trainers, but she ignored it. Valkyrie grabbed a small ball of something as she ran past, sprinting for the trees. She limped a little as she ran. her foot beginning to sting. 

An arrow flew over her head as she reached cover, hitting the tree ahead.

Valkyrie didn't look back.

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