The Button Stories

This is the collection of stories about buttons.

If you murder the "ton" you have Butt, LOL.


10. Bring on the War

Mist the snowflake-shaped button stared down at the pickles and cucumbers. The juices from the fine edibles spilled from their wounds. Mist the button gazed in anger at this war.

"What do you suggest we do, Cap?"  the Magic Button asked, worried.

"We wait them out," Mist said. "Let them suffer themselves before they come for us. Make sure every button that is six months or older be train in selfbutton-fense. Make everyone strong. Tell them to be aware."

"Yes, Mist. But if they decide to form an alliance, what should we say you are?" 

"I am the Representative of the Buttons. Make sure that is put across to them."

"Who are we favoring more, Mist?"

"I feel the Pickles are more of my liking, but tell the public that they can choose their own side."

"Yes, Mist."


"Yes, Mist?"

"If they bring up a war on us, make sure we bring them down."

"Gladly, Mist." Magic Button said. He turned away from Mist and started to walk down to Button-Square, the best place to hold an announcement.





Pickles, Cucumbers-


We await you.

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