Charlie Black never expected normal drama, the kind every teenage girl goes through, to arise with her favorite band, One Direction. It all seems too good to be true...
**Zayn Malik and Niall Horan fanfiction
This is my first fan fiction guys; I'm really excited! Happy Take Me Home! I've beena fan of Movellas for a while; I really an happy!


6. Zayn


    I tried to stop staring at Charlie, but she was a hot mess. Eventually, the trance was broken.
    "I can't believe you're famous, Zayn!" Alex looked at me.
    "Me neither!" I laughed, and gave him a bro-hug, my attention finally pulled away from the lovely girl behind the glasses.
    "Show them around?" Lou suggested.
    "Just not your room," Liam said sternly but playfully.
    "We'd better listen to Daddy D," Charlie laughed. I thought I was going to faint.
    "M' lady," I led the group to the TV room. Charlie giggled, and stepped in line beside me. Alex winked to me from behind her. He thought I was playing along. Boy, no. I wanted to get to know Charlie. 
    I... No. I stopped myself.
    We showed Al and Charlie a little around the studio. Then we ended up in the front room. Niall snuck over and turned on the radio. Our song 'One Thing' blared through a set of speakers. I still couldn't get over that was us.
    "May I have this dance?" Lou walked up to Harry. They started dancing, singing, and mostly laughing. Show-offs.
    Liam held his hand out to Charlie. I tried not to get annoyed; he was only trying to be nice. Charlie blushed and followed him to the middle of the room. Alex and I watched, laughing. Lou and Harry had what we would call a dance battle, and Charlie copied some of the moves Liam showed her, blushing some more. I started humming along, and then Niall popped out of wherever he had been, and we all ended up singing.
    When the song was over, Harry and Louis fell to the floor laughing, and Charlie and Liam headed back towards us. I tried to think of something cute to say, but I got lost in her eyes.
    "You're not a bad dancer," Niall grinned. Charlie's face turned bright red. It took a while for her to stop blushing.
    "It's the truth," I put in. "I could teach you some moves of you want." 
    Charlie's beautiful brown eyes lit up.
    "From DJ Malik himself? Seriously?" I smiled and nodded. My head kept bobbing up and down.
    "You look like my horse," Charlie laughed. I sighed to myself. I hoped she was getting more comfortable around us.
    "I want to watch! Zayn won't give me lessons!" Louis and Harry had joined us now.
    "Okay," I said. Then realized he meant now. "Let's see what we can do."
    Charlie followed me back to the middle of the room and stood back to watch. The boys and Alex sat on the back of the couch to watch. I started feeling nervous. Ugh!
    "It's okay, you don't have to," Charlie said, sounding a little disappointed.
    "No, no, wait!" I cried, sounding a little desperate. "I-"
    "I'll show you some of my moves," Charlie offered. Before I could answer, she started. At first she was hesitant, and then she got more and more confident. She did something I thought I had seen before, including twists and hair flips. She was... beautiful. Geez, I needed to calm down.
    She did a big finish, stopping with some pieces of hair in her face, and met my eyes. Immediately, she looked at the ground, blushing and rubbing her arm.
    "Whoa," Harry and Liam breathed at the same time behind me. Niall let out a low whistle.
    "You know where that was from?" Lou smirked. I looked at him. "Dancing at Boot Camp; when DJ Malik refused to dance?"
     I knew I had seen it before! This time, I was blushing.


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