Charlie Black never expected normal drama, the kind every teenage girl goes through, to arise with her favorite band, One Direction. It all seems too good to be true...
**Zayn Malik and Niall Horan fanfiction
This is my first fan fiction guys; I'm really excited! Happy Take Me Home! I've beena fan of Movellas for a while; I really an happy!


7. Charlie


    Zayn stared at me. I really hoped he had liked it. I know his dancing at Boot Camp had been a bad time for him, but I had worked on and been perfecting that dance for a while. The other guys had surely been impressed. Niall still had his mouth open.
    "Oh my...!" Harry came up to me and put his hands on my shoulders. I looked up at him. His green eyes looked down on me. "You've got to teach me to do that!"
    "That was incredible." Liam and Niall said. 
    Double Jinx on Liam.
    "Good show!" Lou announced. I was bursting then. Zayn smiled, nodding in agreement. My favorite pop band, 1D, had loved it. I ran up to Zayn and couldn't help it. I hugged him.
    "Excuse me?" Lou cleared his throat when Zayn hadn't pulled away, but hugged me back. I let go, looked away, and blushed for the millionth time in the past hour. "In this band we share." 
    I laughed, and went over to Lou. I have him a big hug. After two seconds he pushed me away gently, saying, "You have cooties, and Harry's going to get jealous."
    I hugged Harry next. His big, strong arms were inviting, but it didn't feel as right as when I had hugged Zayn. Wait, what the heck had I just admitted to myself?! 
    I went over to hug Niall, and then Liam, last but not least. I could have sworn he said "Thank you for making Zayn happy". If he had, it was really quiet, like a secret even he couldn't know.
    "We need to be ready in twenty," Niall said sadly, even though he could have said it was the end of the world; his accent was so charming. "So we only have like fifteen minutes." 
    "Aw," Louis sighed, maybe actually sad. "You know what that means." 
    Harry laughed. Alex looked puzzled. I probably did too.
    "We'll have to all hang out some other time," Niall chimed it. Lou pointed to him and said, "Ding, ding, ding!" like a bell. My face got red again. 
    They wanted to spend more time with me! One Direction, my favorite band, actually liked me!
    "That would be quite fun," Liam glanced at Zayn.
    "But until then,” Harry said dramatically. "We must act awesome!"
    "Roar!" Lou jumped on Harry and then started wrestling. What the heck? Did I miss something?
    Alex winked at me, and started talking to Niall about something. Liam waved me over to where he and Zayn were standing. Uh-oh.


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